Guns, Children, Schools, and Safety

Guns, Children, Schools, and Safety


In a lifetime, no one who was an adult when the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary occurred, will ever forget the horror. 26 innocents were murdered by a deranged young man; 20 children and six teachers; and we will never understand why. He also killed his own mother before the attack, and then himself afterwards. Since the incident at Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012, heated discussions regarding gun control have been waged across the land and in Washington. So far, logic has failed to conquer emotion and fear. Here are some interesting facts about guns and the safety of our school children post Sandy Hook.

The CDC records deaths in the United States by the use of a gun. The state of Massachusetts has the fewest gun deaths per capita. Two primary statistics define that fact; Massachusetts has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation; and lower numbers of gun ownership than most states.

Authorities point to the fact that Massachusetts has never possessed a culture which believed gun ownership was important. The state has always considered firearm possession a serious responsibility and regulates that obligation. Massachusetts ranks fifth in statutes related to gun safety.

There have been 101 school shootings since Sandy Hook, but none were in Massachusetts.

Gun advocates claim that if everyone has a gun, the opportunity for an attack by a gunman is less likely. The people of Massachusetts believe just the opposite is true. Statistics don’t lie.

What is the state with the most school shootings? It won’t surprise you. The answer is the state which now allows individuals to openly carry guns anywhere, including bars; Georgia. Since Sandy Hook there have been 12; the results were two deaths, one suicide, and multiple injuries.

Not surprisingly, Georgia has few restrictions pertaining to gun ownership. They also have more guns per capita than most states. In general, the southern states have a 38 percent rate of gun ownership, which is higher than any other part of the nation.

Studies have unanimously proven that where there are more guns, there will be more deaths by gun; exactly the opposite claim of the NRA.

The gun lobby would like us to believe that those who commit atrocities with guns acquire them illegally; far from the truth. As it was with Adam Lanza, the Newtown shooter, nearly all such incidents are committed with weapons taken from home.

Texas is the most extreme in regards to guns and gun ownership. Most Texans believe that guns are the solution, not the problem; (remember, we’re talking about Texas).

Some time ago the Texas legislature approved allowing teachers to have loaded weapons in the classroom; now a new proposal takes that regulation one step farther. It’s called the Teacher’s Protection Act. If passed, to protect themselves or school property, teachers will be allowed to use violence or lethal violence, whichever they deem necessary. If a death occurs, the teacher will not be charged with a crime. I’m not making this up.

Although Texas already offers protection for death by self-defense, this goes way beyond that safeguard. For instance, if a student is defacing school property, and a teacher decides that there is no other way to stop him or her, he or she may use any method to do so; including the use of a firearm.

Where would you prefer to raise your children; Texas or Massachusetts?

By James Turnage


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