Giuliani Must Receive our Gratitude

Giuliani Must Receive our Gratitude


My job is often similar to the late night talk show hosts; I look for a present or past political figure to mock for his or her ridiculous statements or remarks. Rudy Giuliani’s only claim to fame was being the Mayor of New York City when the horrendous attacks occurred on 9/11. He has no credibility for any effort on his part, but, thankfully, he continues to offer his opinions regarding things he knows nothing about.

Giuliani was speaking at a dinner in Manhattan’s 21 Club. He said that President Obama ‘was not raised to love America the way normal Americans were raised.’ I’ll tell you who doesn’t love the American people; Mr. Giuliani and his party. Republicans continue to destroy or attempt to destroy the very concepts of America. They have no ideas for the improvement of our nation and the principles of our founding fathers.

The final line of our Pledge of Allegiance says; “with liberty and justice for all.” It doesn’t say ‘except for’ or ‘with some liberty,’ it is a representation of what our Constitution dictates.

Let’s look at what Mr. Giuliani and his party has done for working class Americans, otherwise known as the majority. The simple answer is ‘nothing.’ Just the opposite has occurred. Republicans in some red states are attempting to restrict the rights of minorities to vote. They claim that voter ID’s are necessary due to voter fraud. Another right wing lie. The rate of voter fraud throughout the nation is .001 percent. Republicans fear that minorities will vote against them; that’s the truth.

With zero empathy for our impoverished citizens, Republicans are attempting to reduce or eliminate programs which aid an increasing number of our nation’s poorest people, and in turn add to the number of homeless living on our streets.

Without concern for the American worker and the welfare of their families, Republicans continue to submit legislation which protects big business while lowering the lifestyle of the average American. Income inequality is ever widening. Before 1979 the gap was closing; today it is extreme. At this increasing rate economists predict that within a decade one-percent of Americans will control nearly 50 percent of our nation’s wealth.

Republicans continue to increase their efforts in their war on women. Not only do they want to allow a group of men to tell them what they can do with their bodies, they refuse to allow them to receive equal pay in the workplace.

Those who are intended to represent us in Washington don’t want you to have the same rights they have. Republicans don’t want the working class to have adequate health insurance, or retirement benefits. They, who are elected to work for us, have lifetime benefits paid for by those who don’t.

The LGBT community are members of the ‘all’ in our Pledge of Allegiance, but according to Republicans, they are not equal and shouldn’t have the same liberties as everyone else.

I won’t even discuss their archaic attitude towards immigration reform; it would take a book.

If Giuliani hadn’t completely made a fool of himself, he made more of an effort when he later said that Mr. Obama failed to capture Iraq and make the country a United States territory. He also claimed that the United States remains the most ‘exceptional’ country in the world; he obviously hasn’t read the facts or is in denial. He actually believes that George W. Bush was a good president, even though his brother is distancing himself from him as he himself makes a bid for the White House.

Giuliani, who has no significance in America’s politics, later backtracked and said that he believes President Obama is a patriot, but that he doesn’t love his country. What? Back to school and retake a course in the proper use and meaning of the English language.

Commentary by James Turnage


The Daily Caller

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