Giuliani Just Can’t Keep his Mouth Shut

Giuliani Just Can’t Keep his Mouth Shut


Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to a man who needs no introduction. He has been called many things, the latest of which is the male Sarah Palin. He has never earned any credibility as a politician, but he loves to be in the media. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, and I promise that he will be entertaining.’

I don’t agree with White House Spokesperson John Earnest all of the time, but I do in regards to Giuliani’s ridiculous statement Wednesday when he said that President Obama doesn’t love this country. I, too, feel sorry for Giuliani’s lack of intellect and any ability to support his outlandish statement.

On Thursday, although he faced ridicule from both sides of the aisle within the last 24 hours, he just couldn’t keep his mouth shut, just like the former half-governor of Alaska. He said he wasn’t sorry for the comment, and continues to support everything he said. Then he added that the reason the President doesn’t love the United States the way he does is because of the manner in which he was raised. Sadly, he is right. Mr. Obama was taught to question everything so that his decisions in life would be based on intellect rather than emotion and blind patriotism.

I do agree that the President doesn’t love his country the way some other political leaders did in the past. He hasn’t sent our military into unwinnable battles just to have thousands of them return in body bags; yet. He hasn’t chosen to allow his friends in the banking industry to rob America blind. He has helped millions of Americans acquire health insurance who may have suffered bankruptcy previously from catastrophic medical bills.

He says that Mr. Obama was not raised to recognize the ‘exceptionalism’ of America. Giuliani needs to watch the first episode of ‘The Newsroom.’ Jeff Daniels portrays a television journalist who is involved in a Q and A at a university. A young coed asks the panel why America is the ‘greatest country in the world.’ When Daniels, whose character is a self-proclaimed Republican, has his opportunity to speak he says ‘it’s not.’ He begins reciting a list of how far behind our nation is from other developed countries in education, caring for our poor, health insurance costs, standard of living, etc. etc. etc. The truth hurts.

To love one’s country means to love its people. The area within geographical boundaries, the monuments, and even the flag are not America. The people are what defines a nation, and his actions speak louder than Giuliani’s words; he cares about the majority of Americans, not Giuliani’s one-percent.

I have no party affiliation, and I never will. I don’t believe in political parties. This allows me to lambaste any politician who is deserving of my mockery and wrath. And when I go to the voting booth, I vote for the man or woman who I believe is the most qualified candidate. I don’t feel obliged to vote for an ‘R’ or a ‘D,’ or even and ‘I.’

When I read about Giuliani acting in ‘Palinesque’ fashion, I felt obligated to chastise him for his unqualified and misinformed statements. I’m not sure who will receive my derogatory comments tomorrow. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Commentary by James Turnage


CBS New York

Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

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  1. Personally I think your all ignorant and caught up in the wheel known as Washington DC. All of you start out with good intentions and end up corrupt. We can’t pay off the interest of our debts. All this talk including this article is a psychological smoke screen. the smoke screen is appreciated by both the Republicans and the Democrats to keep the sheep entertained and away from the truth that both parties ruined this country.and most of them are Rh negative.

    • Do you feel like… wow…you are a real man by saying everyone here is ignorant??? Well… if that works then I will use your analogy and say… you are pathetically stupid, arrogant and have your head so far up your arse one day you may hear a ‘pop’ sound but not to worry… that will be your head coming out of your arse. Before you call others what you are…look in the mirror you POS. People post here because it is a right and a freedom. Go back to your sand pit turban ways of thinking only you have a say.

  2. Let me see, Cheney set energy policy using oil industry people, Haliburton took in unaccountable billions in Iraq-Haliburton who he was affiliated with, there was the lie about weapons of mass destruction that lead to thousands of American men killed, and you cannot trust Obama. And you vote?

  3. I applaud Giuliani for standing up and saying what most American’s are thinking,,, OBozo is hell bend on destroying this nation. Massive debt, firing anyone in the military or pentagon who disagrees with him, letting 5 million illegals become citizens and giving them benefits they have not contributed to,,, His record is dismal to say the least but some people are still the the 3 monkeys,, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. WAKE UP

    • Paul Deforma, there is not a single truth in this statement. Let me take lie: “letting 5 million illegals become citizens.” The president cannot make citizens or let others make them citizens; it requires a law which would allow them to become citizens. I suggest, Mr. All-American, that you complete your high school civics course. BTW, most Americans, at least those who voted, elected Obama president twice, so I rather doubt that they agree with a one-term ex-mayor of New York who had one good day in office.

    • Could you find a source that would verify your claim that most Americans think that Obama (I assume that you were referring to Obama with your childish “OBozo” spelling) “is hell bent on destroying this nation”. I have seen polls of approval ratings that show Obama below 50% but the question asked in those poles was not, “do you believe President Obama is hell bent on destroying America”.

      • 80% of what cohort? Up-tight white females frightened for the virtue of their Southern Womanhood? Smearing the unknown motives of someone is “a voice of reason”? Then I would be reasonable talking about your slatternly ways.

  4. Column dumb, comments dumber. Who cares what a one-term mayor and, ever since, a long-time self-promoter has to say about anything or anyone? So he peddles sleaze for 15 minutes of notoriety–what a deal!

  5. I agree that the Pres. is lacking in a lot of ways but have to say… Rudy makes him look like a saint with his stupid verbal remarks. Rudy is an old hack who like Kim. K…..she puts her arse in the public eye, Rudy puts his arse in his mouth and then opens it.

  6. Glad he doesn’t keep his mouth shut…otherwise at least a hundred and a half million Americans wouldn’t have someone to voice their inner thoughts.

  7. Giuliani is showing signs of senility but the comments posted here lack basic historic perspective. Rush Limbaugh would be pleased!

  8. RG is suffering with a disease called FOOT IN THE MOUTH & possible reason for it is TWIN TOWER FUND(Billions)Under his watch & control.He took all credits for the great work done by former PC Braton who is back again as PC in NYC. Someone need to go after him looking for where,how & for whom he is using Billions.

  9. Mr. Turnage, you have the nerve to say Rudy Giuliani. has no intellect. What have you done in your life except be a schill for the Democratic party and write mediocre articles about great men. I do not need to mention Mr. Giuliani’s bona fides, they are well known. President Obama’s bitter roots are also well known. Rudy spoke the truth.

    • “I applaud Giuliani for standing up and saying what most American’s are thinking,,,” and “Rudy said FINALLY what we all REAL Americans feel ! Rudy for President!! F Obama..”
      are among the best comments I sampled!
      WHY?”Only an ignorant /stupid person would claim to know what most Americans think.If he prove that statement he could win a Nobel prize in Physics!The “REAL AMERICANS” comment does not deserve a reply to demonstrate a real American know, without mathematical proofs ,that commenter is a right wing fool

  10. The slogan of this website is to speak truth to power. The truth is that Obama didn’t spend a lot of his youth in this country. He spent 4 formative years in a muslim country. He went to a muslim school and played with his muslim playmates. Because he registered and lived as a muslim, he found himself prostrate on a mat 5 times a day for at least 4 years. Also, he wasn’t looked upon as a true American there either, because they all think that real Americans are white. That is the truth. Then he spent the rest of his time in Hawaii, the least “American” of all American states. He spent many of his days stoned there. All of that is the truth.

    Now, had he grown up in this country, he might use his intimate knowledge of muslims and the religion to advance America’s interests…but it would be only natural that he would have formed his deepest convictions as a muslim and have a sympathy, maybe even a deep-seated belief in the things he learned as a young muslim. Things like how the Jews are the devil, and how America is a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

    It’s not really his fault that he’s not nearly as American as many of us. If he grew up in Detroit, we probably wouldn’t know about him. People are products of their environment, and his environment was muslim.

    The trouble I have with his Administration is that they tell so many lies, even if they’re obvious. They lie through their teeth, and our impotent press doesn’t call them on it, doesn’t demand that it stop. This President’s lies are Orwellian in nature.

    I just hope he golfs out the rest of his days and returns to Hawaii to stay stoned.

  11. It is a measure of the mindlessness of Giuliani that this essentially simplistic, smugly self-serving rebuttal is dead on the money.

  12. Lots of people on the left love an America that has no resemblance to America as it is, and America as it is legally organized under our laws and Constitution. They also object to the American economic system. I believe that Obama is just such a left wing person. His being raised outside of Mainland America contributed further to his lack of understanding. It was not irrelevant that his parents meet in a Russian language class; hard core leftists in those days looked to the soviet union as the leadership source of ideas and Russian was the language of that transmission. Why would a black man fro east Africa bother learning Russian?

  13. It’s no myth that some “Republicans are mean and nasty.” And they again threaten to hijack the Republican Party. So the GOP had better find a way to muzzle them before they sideline the new crop of primary candidates. If the GOP does not, it had better get used to being on the outside looking in — and for a very long time.

  14. it’s called parrhesia turnage….and this ain’t the place you can find it… are a socialist shill of the first degree…..sht the fk up. You couldn’t hold Rudy’s jock…..and the American public sits and stares at the catastrophic spectacle all around us like zombies, our version of the Danse Macabre before the face of death in Europe. The traitor in the white house has stripped us with the help of the socialists in Congress and the media. We watched. Here is his real Legacy: announcing military targets and dates for assault is aiding and abetting the enemy. It is Treason. Put the traitor in the white house in jail. Forcing citizens to betray their moral tradition is treason. Put the traitor in white house in jail.Obamacare is taxation through fraud. It is treason. Put the traitor in the white house In jail. Allowing unions to use contracts to threaten the food source and economy is treason. Put the traitor in jail. Allowing Mexicans to cross our borders without documentation against our immigration laws is a deliberate failure to secure our borders. It is treason. Put the traitor in the white house in jail. Using the IRS as a weapon to punish political dissent is treason. Put the traitor in the white house in jail. Bringing a virile form of illness into the country without proof of protection for the general public is putting the welfare of our citizens in danger. Put the traitor in the white house in jail. Failure to protect our allies and exposing them to destruction is treason. Put the traitor in the white house in jail. Misrepresenting data as a means of increasing the power of government is treason. Put the traitor in the white house in jail. Allow intimidation and fraud at the polling booth is treason. Put the traitor in the white house in jail. Refusing to identify our enemies is giving aid to our enemies. It is treason. Put the traitor in the white house in jail. Assaulting the constitution as a means of disarming the public is treason. Put the traitor in the white house in jail. Unreasonable searches of private citizens at home and during travel is unconstitutional. Put the traitor in the white house in jail. the socialist party of democrat liars has no god…..which means they are god. Your god….whether you want their version or not. and so they will continue to shovel filth, degradation and criminal behavior down your children’s throats while you get to sit down, shut up and watch…’s on you. Have a nice day.

  15. Most of the above are words used to vent emotions. Doesn’t sound like anyone is really thinking. Hate, Hate, Hate. You all dance to the political entertainment that keeps us all so busy and preoccupied. How can anyone believe that America is still the golden country it was meant to be? Americans have lost their soul – and their patriotism. To be a patriot is to educate yourself on the facts and to act in the best interest of the country as a whole. Your ranting sounds ridiculous. You put America to shame.

  16. Turange argues that the First Amendment applies only to BO and his henchmen, not to private persons that make up the citizenry of America. What BO and his henchmen do and say shall not be questioned per Turnage. BO won at the polls because he is a well seasoned liar. You shall not question a well seasoned liar especially if he or she is black because it would be racist. The main stream media, NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN assist BO in perpetuating his lies and failing to question his acts that border on treason.

    Here is a prediction. Before BO leaves office he will “convert” to Islam along with his family. (He’s already a closet Muslim) This will give Islam a big boost to recruitment in the USA. After all, if a U.S. President “converted” to Islam, you should too because he’s the smartest guy around. (And, the biggest liar too) Tsk, Tsk. There I go again exercising my First Amendment Rights.