Game of Thrones Book Winds of Winter Out 2016

Game of Thrones Book Winds of Winter Out 2016


Game of Thrones fans waiting for Winds of Winter will have to wait until 2016 for the book. HarperCollins, George R.R. Martin’s publisher, announced that the sixth instalment would be out next year. It has disappointed many fans, who expected the next book to be released this year. It has also sparked more fears that the HBO series will end before the book series, and spoil the ending.

Fans have been waiting for the latest Game of Thrones instalment since 2011. However, Martin has released a number of prequel stories, and more will be released later this year to keep fans entertained. However, continuing the current story in Westeros will take much longer.

Waiting around for the instalment to continue the story is not the only thing annoying fans. The HBO series is quickly catching up on the books. While seasons three and four covered book three, the next series will join books four and five together in parts. That will leave seasons six for book six. The issue is that there is not enough action in books four and five to make one season each.

The HBO producers have also already stated that the show will end with seven seasons. Martin announced that his series is likely to end with seven seasons, although recently discussed the possibility of an eighth book. There was just something poetic about having seven books for the seven kingdoms of the fictional world of Westeros.

Fans of the book series, which started with Game of Thrones, will need to wait until 2016 for Winds of Winter. It is taking time to write the book, which is much longer than the novels of many other writers. If Martin’s previous books are anything to go by, his current novel will be between 800 and 1,100 pages.

At the moment, 2016 is a guess. There is no confirmation that the book will be out next year. All Jane Johnson from HarperCollins was able to share was that it would definitely not be out this year. There will be a series of novellas set before the series out this year.

Many fans now wonder about the ending for the HBO series. Martin will not want the ending spoiled for those who have read all the books so far. It is possible that the producers will look into telling the story their way. They have already made some changes to the storylines, including introducing their own characters. However, they have never completely deviated from the plot.

There may be no choice. The Game of Thrones producers would need to discuss matters with Martin to determine the outcome for the show. It is unlikely the show will be put on hold. Not only is it one of the most popular programs on HBO, but there is the problem with actors growing up quicker than their characters. The producers cannot wait a few years to finish off the series.

Book fans will have to wait for now. There is hope that Winds of Winter, the sixth book in the series that started with Game of Thrones, will be out in 2016.

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  1. She never said it definitely won’t be out this year, just that it’s not currently on the schedule. If you’re going to use a misleading headline to get views for an article just repeating old news, at least get the facts straight within the article. Jesus.