Emma Watson Not Dating Prince Harry Despite Rumors

Emma Watson Not Dating Prince Harry Despite Rumors


Emma Watson is not dating Prince Harry, despite rumors to the contrary, according to a close friend of Harry’s who spoke with Us Weekly on Saturday. While Prince Harry and Emma Watson were at a party together, there were 12 of Harry’s friends there, also. They are apparently not as romantically interested in each other as some reports have suggested. If they were an actual item, it might be that the Internet would have a meltdown, especially if their union eventually led to a “Half-Blood Prince.”

In the past, tradition held that royalty was only supposed to marry other members of royalty. However, after Prince William married commoner Kate Middleton, the possibility of other members of royalty getting married to other commoners became a very real one, especially if doing so would not mean the loss of one’s royal title.

Emma Watson, 24, a graduate of Brown University, has been granted an honorary royal status, of sorts, because of her role she has assumed as being the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. She has easily transitioned from her role playing Hermione Granger for 10 years in the highly lucrative Harry Potter movie franchise to promoting the education of girls by visiting Zambia and Bangladesh as a part of her humanitarian efforts working with the UN. Emma Watson has been promoting gender equality through her advocacy of the UN Women’s HeForShe campaign.

Emma Watson has said that she does not “date people who are famous.” The rumors that she had decided to discontinue that policy by dating Prince Harry, 30, reportedly began with an article in Australia’s Woman’s Day magazine. Prince Harry had, according to a source, claimed he was “smitten” with Emma Watson and was interested in dating her for more reasons “than Emma’s looks.” The Women’s Day magazine claimed that Harry and Emma Watson had been meeting in secret ever since the party.

However, the source who is supposedly a close friend of Prince Harry’s who was quoted in Us Weekly said that the story about his dating Emma Watson was “a random story.” Emma Watson has never actually been seen with Prince Harry in public, though she has been introduced to Harry’s brother Prince William at Windsor Castle, along with several other stars. It was an engagement to honor the work of The Royal Marsden Hospital.

Prince Harry reportedly sent her an email saying that he would like “to get to know her.” Then, when Prince Harry heard that the actress had broken up with her boyfriend, Oxford University rugby player Matthew Janney in December, he had a friend arrange for Emma Watson to attend the party with the twelve other friends, so that Emma Watson would not feel as if she was “she was put on the spot.” Before dating Janey, Emma Watson had been going out with a guy she met at Brown University, Will Adamowicz.

Prince Harry is currently single, though he had been going out with British celebrity Cressida Bonas. Bonas, according to reports, thinks that Prince Harry still likes to play the field too much, and he is willing to stick his tongue down the throat of any pretty woman that happens to be around if he drinks too much. Prince Harry was recently spotted while skiing in Verbier, Switzerland. He was there with friends Princess Eugenie and Beatrice.

While the rumors that Emma Watson and Prince Harry appear to be just that, rumors, it is fun to imagine the possible scenarios that could play out if they ever do get romantically involved in a serious way. Their wedding would be one of the biggest world-wide media events ever. Prince Harry and Emma Watson both will likely eventually get married, but at this point in time, it does not seem like they will be getting married to each other.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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