Elected Officials Fail Because of Voter Ignorance

Elected Officials Fail Because of Voter Ignorance


I am finished blaming our elected officials for their ignorance and continual ‘fails’ as they presumably represent the American people. The truth is that we must blame voters. If you go to the polls and vote for a candidate because he or she has an ‘R’ or a ‘D’ next to their name, and this is your only reason; remember, ‘you get what you pay for.’ The prime reason our elected officials fail us is because of voter ignorance.

The purpose of an election is to find the best possible person for the job. Speeches, commercials, and attacking your opponent do not qualify a candidate for the office he or she is seeking.

Let’s talk about the statement by Senator Thom Tillis, a Republican from North Carolina. He says that the regulation requiring restaurant employees to wash their hands after a toilet break should be lifted. He says that it should be the decision of the business owner, and that if that business loses customers, it is their choice. He claims that private business is governed by excessive rules and regulations. I am not being facetious, this is really a statement by a United States Senator.

Did Senator Tillis attend high school or college, or is he self-educated; or should I say un-educated? Is he aware how many lives were saved when in 1818 a Hungarian physician suggested that procedures using antiseptics in the delivery room could save lives? Simply thoroughly washing hands the mortality rate in hospitals was reduced to less than one-percent.

Tillis’ comments came as a debate by probable presidential candidates in 2016 involved the vaccination against communicable diseases. Both Rand Paul and Chris Christie will be remembered for their involvement in an issue that should not be political. Neither of them believe in any form of health care for the majority of the American people; why should they be involved in this discussion?

After Tillis made his nonsensical remark, a member of the discussion group told him that he wasn’t sure if he should shake his hand.

I thought he had left us, but Pat Robertson would not be left out of the discussion regarding infectious disease and the rights of individual stupidity. He jumped on the bandwagon on the side of those who refuse to acquire a measles inoculation. And then he added his complaints about fluoridated water. Fortunately Robertson has lacked influence over the American people for decades.

Without local Health Departments regulating our restaurants and any establishment involved with the production of food, thousands of people would die every year.

If Tillis wants to talk about freedoms, he should address those which the Americans people are in danger of losing; the first and fourth amendments are hanging by a thread.

Sadly Tillis is only one of dozens of legislators who is not only unqualified but also ignorant in regards to the United States and the needs of its people. If this pattern of electing the least qualified men and women to our Congress and Senate continues, the result will be the same as the last six years; nothing which is pertinent to the regeneration of America as a great county will be reborn.

The only thing worse than political parties are voters who vote solely along party lines. It only makes sense to be a true Independent.

Voters must ignore money spent and party affiliation when choosing who they reward with those high-paying jobs in Washington. As a voter you get the credit or the blame; it’s your choice.

Commentary by James Turnage




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  1. I have only been monitoring this blog for a week or two since I made a comment on something a while back. I was getting ready to abandon the blog as it appears littered with folks who just can’t think for themselves. But James, you surprise me with this one. Excellent article. I’m 60 and have felt this way all of my life, and as you might imagine, I’ve been disappoint for all of that time. It doesn’t matter what arena you go into, the old adage that “Power Corrupts” always holds true. My particular concern for America since 2008 was that the voters are just as you describe. They voted for a guy that appears to be Black and Democratic on the surface. People voted for him so that they could feel less guilt about America’s history of racism against blacks. They thought that by electing this “unknown” entity, they would heal and there would be hope and change.

    Little did they know that the guy would hide his credentials, lie about where he is from and about what schools he attended, lie about who his father really is and then embark on a mission to destroy the American constitution. It was a well planned out and orchestrated coup. But you are right James, it is not the Prince of Fools to blame, but rather the confederacy of fools that elected him… TWICE!

    All civilizations eventually fall. America is coming close. The republicans are no better, unless the grass roots can wrestle control back into the hands of the people. But until America gets the balls to be able to tell George Soros and Warren Buffet to shove it up their asses, things ain’t changing. George Carlin was so right way back. It’s a big club… and YOU Ain’t In It!! Go to Youtube and watch that video. So prophetic.