Drake Pulled a Beyoncé by Release of New Music and Short Film...

Drake Pulled a Beyoncé by Release of New Music and Short Film Online


Drake pulled a Beyoncé by his release of a short 15-minute film online this Thursday, February 12, and he later followed it up with a 17-track album on iTunes provocatively titled If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. The title of the album has suggested to some of Drake’s fans that he intends it to count as the fourth album he is contractually obligated to under his contract with Cash Money Records. If that is the case, the logic goes that the Canadian hip-hop star released the album so he could get out of the contract.

The album’s release had been unannounced and it came without much fanfare. Fans suspected that new music could very well be following the release of the short film, Jungle, however. When Beyoncé released her self-titled album online, it quickly became a smash hit. Drake’s album very well might do the same. If it becomes even half as popular as Queen Bey’s album was, it will be considered to be a big success. It debuted at number one and was downloaded 828,773 times worldwide in its first three days of availability. That made it the the iTunes Store’s fastest-selling album in history. It also was nominated for five Grammy Awards, and won three.

Fans wonder if this album is the same one that Drake had announced he would release back in July 2014. That one had the working title of Views from the 6. If it is the same album, Drake has, apparently, decided to go with an entirely new title. If it is a completely different album, and released so that Drake can get out of his contract with Cash Money, he possibly intends to have Views from the 6 be his first album with whatever record company he plans to sign with after leaving Cash Money.

Drake’s album is not a throw-away one, even if he possibly did release it in order to get out of his contract. The 17 tracks are very good, and they feature collaborations that Drizzy did with Travi$ Scott, PartyNextDoor and Lil Wayne. The price of downloading the album at the iTunes Store is $12.99. The entire album can also be streamed using the Soundcloud service.

The date that Drake chose to release his latest album, which some media sources are calling a mixtape, is no coincidence. Thursday, February 12, when he released If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, is just a day earlier than the sixth anniversary of when he came out with So Far Gone on February 13, 2009.

While the hip-hop star’s Cash Money contract is a private one, the word is that by fulfilling it, Drake has earned himself a very nice bonus of $2 million. Lil Wayne, who is suing Cash Money Records, had four albums stipulated in his contract. As four albums is an industry standard for most contracts these days, many of Drake’s fans think that his coming out with If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late on Thursday makes it the fourth and final one that he was contractually obligated to release for the company. The other three were Thank Me Later, Take Care, and Nothing Was the Same, which contained the big hit songs Started from the Bottom and Hold On, We’re Going Home.

Does the release this Thursday of If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late mean it is too late for the owner of Cash Money Records, Birdman, to do anything to prevent Drake from getting out of his contract? The title is an odd one, and it definitely seems intended to be delivering a message to someone, possibly to Birdman. If so, it could very well be too late for him to resign Drake and try to keep him with the record label. The hip-hop star might have been trying to pull a Beyoncé, by releasing his latest album online; but, the title of it could be a major sign he is also making it the final one he records for Cash Money.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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