Dog Finds Friend in Hospital

Dog Finds Friend in Hospital


My wife says that I write about too many ugly things. I have published three novels about serial killers, and my articles for the Public Slate are often about politics; so I guess she’s right. It’s not that I don’t want to write about inspiring and warm and fuzzy topics, sadly there are more situations occurring daily which are disturbing. Once in a while I find an interesting subject to bring forward, and hopefully give the reader a smile. This is one of those times. It’s about a dog who left her home and found her best friend in the hospital.

Sissy lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She lives with her brother, and owners Dale and Nancy. Nancy has been away from home for a while; she is recovering from cancer surgery in a nearby hospital. One day after Dale had let the miniature Schnauzer outside to ‘do her business,’ Sissy decided to find her best friend. Her journey took her through 20 blocks until she arrived at the hospital where Nancy was recovering. Sissy walked into the lobby and was filmed by a surveillance camera. Nancy said ‘she was on a mission.’

My wife and I had three dogs; we lost one of them, so we only have two at the present time. We dog lovers all have stories about the love they freely give us every day. And although we may not have a story like that of Nancy and Sissy, we all have some surprising tales, and we love reading about the extraordinary ones.

In Taguatinga, Brazil, an ambulance was dispatched to care for a young homeless man. When the paramedics arrived they realized he was experiencing an epileptic seizure. The man was loaded into an ambulance. As the vehicle began to drive to the hospital, the driver noticed a ‘scruffy’ little dog running after the ambulance; and he never stopped. Fearing that the dog would be injured by another vehicle, they stopped and let the dog inside. The young man began talking to the dog who was wagging his tail excitedly. His name was ‘Spike.’ At the hospital doctors decided that he was not seriously injured and released him with Spike.

Yolanda Sevogia lives in Tampa Bay, Florida. One day her neighbor knocked on Yolanda’s door. The neighbor, Stacey, had found a dog wandering around an elementary school. She wanted Yolanda to care for the dog while she circulated flyers and made other attempts to find the owner. She said she would, but only for a single day. Yolanda went to the dollar store to purchase some items for the dog. She warned her two sons, Azaiah, 10, and Christian, 21, not to become attached to the dog; they were not going to keep him. Christian suffers from Down syndrome, and recently had undergone heart and kidney surgeries. Four days later Yolanda and her family were still caring for the dog. They had given him the name ‘Riley,’ spelled RaeLee. When Yolanda returned from work, Riley began jumping against the screen door repeatedly. She immediately ran to Christian’s room. The young man was experiencing a violent seizure. When Yolanda began caring for her son, Riley sat quietly. The neurologist said that the dog’s actions likely saved Christian’s life. He would surely have perished from choking on his own blood and vomit.

The next day the dog’s owner responded to a flyer and called the number Stacey had printed on the flier. She tearfully told the man that his dog had saved her neighbor’s son’s life. He drove to Yolanda’s home to retrieve his pet. Azaiah was crying on the porch; Christian was in the window. He told Azaiah that maybe his dog was supposed to find them, and said they could keep him.

Jon Tumilson was a Navy Seal; he was killed while on active duty. His funeral was attended by approximately 1,500 people, and one special guest. Tumilson’s Labrador retriever, Hawkeye, moved to the front of the church and laid next to the casket of his master; he stayed there until the service ended.

That felt good; it is nice to write something pleasant for a change. Some say dogs don’t really love us; they simply want to be fed and kept safe. They just might be mistaken.

By James Turnage



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