CPAC is a Joke as I Promised

CPAC is a Joke as I Promised


Republicans are never serious; they are opportunists. They are agents of the one-percent, and it couldn’t be more obvious than at this weekend’s CPAC in Maryland. I promised that the only subject would be how much each unsavory and ambitious 2016 candidate could bash Hillary Clinton and President Obama. I’m not psychic, but I was on the money.

Moderates such as Chris Christie and Jeb Bush were virtually harassed by GOP standards, while TEA Party extremist Ted Cruz was given questions typically soft-balled by FOX News to Republicans hopefuls. To call this event a farce is so menial, it’s like saying that Donald Trump would make a good businessman or a good president.

Sadly, but a confirmation of how woeful an event this has become, the Q & A portion was led by the now famous whacko Laura Ingraham. Because two of the primary sponsors are Trump enterprises and the NRA, it is understandable. Heaven forbid a qualified member of the GOP should be invited into the fray.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has not been a regular attendee of the conference. Ingraham’s questions challenged his lack of extreme conservatism and basically said ‘what are you even doing here?’ Christie was more than up to the challenge. He defended his record and also commented on the fact that the Republican Party must focus more on middle class Americans. He had no criticism of the wealthy, but recognized that the majority of voters are not financially secure.

After ultra-extremist Ted Cruz, the junior Senator from Texas, and a TEA Party darling, made his speech, he was chosen to receive a Q & A from FOX personality Sean Hannity. Hannity, who is not known for his political savvy, but for his ability to attack Democrats, asked questions of Cruz which had little substance. His first question was as inane as it could possibly be: “Why does Ted Cruz love America?”

The questions asked of Christie and Cruz were emblematic of what CPAC is all about. It is not mainstream GOP; it is designed to highlight the most extreme factions of a divided party.

As the first day of the conference dragged on, speakers attempted to find new ways of attacking Democrats. Not one potential candidate offered a single idea how our shattered government might be repaired, or how they might improve the life of the average American.

Other potential candidates backed off from previous mistakes in past attempts to secure residence in the White House. Rick Perry, who lambasted the Bush family in 2011 when he was seeking the Republican nomination for the presidency in 2012, decided not to challenge Jeb Bush. Instead he proved his ignorance of reality by claiming that he cared about jobs, although the unemployment rate has sharply decreased in the last year.

Scott Walker, the Governor of Wisconsin, railed against the President’s foreign policy but failed to offer one of his own.

Carly Fiorina criticized Hillary Clinton’s policy on foreign relations, although when she was president of Hewlett Packard, she labeled the Clintons a ‘flagship organization.’ In 2013, she praised the Clinton Global Initiative for its efforts to advance the global economy.

Cruz gave us the most humor. He said we must bring back America, although most of his beliefs are diametrically opposed to those of our founding fathers. He is a firm supporter of the one-percent of Americans, who opposes the advancement of the working class 100 percent of the time. He spoke constantly of those who are representative of Washington, but never stated that the wealthiest Americans control decisions made in our nation’s capital and that he is a part of those who are controlled by the puppeteers.

CPAC is almost as comical as a roast. Not a single substantive idea was offered by one single speaker. I’ve been to an Amway convention; it was a lot more fun and realistic.

Commentary by James Turnage


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