Conservatives in the House Will Destroy our Government

Conservatives in the House Will Destroy our Government


Our government is broken, about that there is no doubt. If we allow extremist conservatives to control the House of Representatives, it will be completely destroyed.

The TEA Party, and those who align themselves with it, need lessons about how governments work. The electorate made serious errors when they chose unqualified candidates. Congress is not a playground where acting like a bully lets you have your way. It’s time for the grown-ups to retake control of our government.

The Senate seems to find a way to compromise and accomplish something. Last year it passed an immigration reform bill, and this week they passed a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security. In both instances a Boehner-led House failed to complete the legislation.

I am one of those who sorely wants true Republicans to regain control over the GOP. Nothing will be accomplished until those members of the House who stomp their feet and throw tantrums to get their way are pushed aside.

House insiders claim that the reason Speaker John Boehner failed to pass a ‘clean’ bill to fund the DHS is fear that the extremists would propose a vote to ‘vacate the chair.’ They would attempt to remove Boehner as the Speaker.

Moderate Pennsylvania Republican Charlie Dent is aware of the rumors. He said that infighting within the GOP must end; that the House must ‘get serious about governing,’ and ‘stop playing games.’

John Flemming of Louisiana is also frustrated with his constituents. The DHS funding bill finds him disgusted with the lack of leadership. Boehner is reacting from fear. Maybe he should read the definitions of ‘leader’ and ‘courage.’

What is actually occurring inside the House has more to do with reelection campaigns than governing our nation. They have only these next two years to prove themselves worthy of their district’s votes. A sizeable number of them used emotion and bigotry to obtain their seats last November. They promised to dispel the President’s efforts regarding immigration. They want to ignore the entire issue which is demonstrative of their ignorance.

The House did pass a one-week extension funding the DHS. Republicans needed the support of minority leader Nancy Pelosi. She encouraged Democrats to pass the one-week extension and promised them that by week’s end a full year bill would pass without the provision to defund the President’s executive order regarding immigration. John Boehner’s aids would not confirm that he has offered any form of compromise to Democrats.

Boehner may be forced to deal with Democrats. Although they are in the House minority, their 188 votes could be crucial to both pass legislation and retain his position as Speaker. Republicans are in control of 245, and not all of them are as radical as the TEA Party.

The TEA Party does not represent the principles of the GOP. Isn’t it time that the party was split into two, giving our nation three parties from which to choose? Why should the RNC continue to fund campaigns for TEA Party members, knowing that if elected they will damage the GOP brand?

Republican voters must be educated. They need to be aware of who controls the TEA Party. It is not a party representing the American people; it was bought and paid for years ago by the one-percent including the Koch brothers.

Repairs are drastically needed within the GOP, but none of them can be accomplished until the broken parts are removed and replaced with new ones which work efficiently.

Commentary by James Turnage


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  1. Please, the Tea Party are the only ones that actually care about the American citizens, unlike the liberals and established GOP who only care about themselves and line their pockets by selling Americans down the tubes. Boehner is no conservative and he must go!