Charlie Sheen Gets It in the End

Charlie Sheen Gets It in the End


Charlie Sheen got it stuck to him in the end, that is, in the finale of Two and a Half Men, when his character, Charlie Harper, got killed off for a second time. Sheen had actually wanted to be in the last episode, ever, of the show; but, only on his own terms. Instead, his womanizing and boozing character, Charlie Harper, was, yet again, made the subject of joke after joke. A Charlie Sheen look-alike playing Charlie Harper was killed when a piano was unceremoniously dropped on his head.

Rewind for a second back to the talks that had gone on between actor Charlie Sheen and Two and a Half Men creator, Chuck Lorre. At some point during the past few months, Chuck Lorre apparently thought it would be a cool idea to have Charlie Harper show up, once again, at the door of his condominium, now occupied by Walden (Ashton Kutcher) and his brother, Alan (Jon Cryer).

Charlie Sheen agreed, but both he and Lorre had their own very different visions of what would happen after he knocked on the front door or used his keys to get in. Charlie Harper, in both of the visions, would return to his condo after having been kept alive in a pit by Rose for the past four years. Charlie Sheen wanted there to be, according to Chuck Lorre, “a heart-warming scene,” between himself and Alan which would eventually led to Sheen’s return to primetime TV in a new series, The Harpers.

Chuck Lorre, on the other hand, wanted the same thing that was played out with a Charlie Sheen look-alike to have played out with the actual Charlie Sheen. He would, in other words, have talked about the “dangers of drug abuse,” and then add that “these dangers only happened to average people.”

He would then say that he was “far from average,” and that “he was a ninja assassin from Mars.” Then, Charlie Sheen would have said, as the look-alike did, that “he was invincible,” right before a piano landed on his head, killing him off a second time.

Chuck Lorre has had plenty of reasons to hold a grudge against Charlie Sheen. Sheen’s drug and alcohol charged freak-out of 2011 forced production on the TV series to be halted for some time, and then, Charlie Sheen compounded that behavior by repeatedly insulting Lorre and the writers and execs at CBS. Charlie Sheen not only bit the hand that fed him, he did the human equivalent, verbally, of a chimp throwing his own feces at their faces.

As a result, of course, Charlie Sheen lost his job, continued living as if he was invincible and a “winner,” whose veins ran with “tiger blood,” had his own one-man show that went on tour, and he also starred in the cable TV comedy series, Anger Management. The show has since been cancelled, but Charlie Sheen reportedly earned over $100 million for taking part in the series.

While Two and a Half Men had decent ratings for its finale, with over 13 million viewers, it is interesting to consider if the numbers would have been higher if the actual Charlie Sheen had reappeared, and if his reappearance was to set up a show called The Harpers. Would the finale have gotten even more viewers?

When Charlie Sheen found out what the plot of the Two and a Half Men finale would entail, he did not like that his plans for The Harpers had not been incorporated into the episode, and that he would be killed off for a second time. Charlie Sheen is definitely not a saint, and he would be likely the first one to admit that; but, he seemed to have genuinely been trying to bury the hatchet, and start off on a new foot with both Chuck Lorre and CBS.

Charlie Sheen, instead, got the rude awakening that Lorre and CBS did not appear to want him back int their fold, even if he really had changed and had sobered up. In a statement that Chuck Lorre released, he said that Charlie Sheen had been offered the role. Lorre thought having Harper make the speech and then get killed off would be funny. It perhaps was, but it was also somewhat mean-spirited, even considering that Chuck Lorre also appeared, briefly, said the word “Winning,” and also had a baby grand piano fall on him.

Though Charlie Sheen did not make a cameo appearance on the Two and a Half Men finale, former castmate, Angus T. Jones, did appear briefly in the episode, as did a few guest stars. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger played a detective, and Christian Slater and John Stamos appeared as themselves.

It could be said that in more ways than one, Charlie Sheen got it in the end, as Two and a Half Men concluded its 12-season run. He was killed off for a second time, and he perhaps “got it” in the sense that he understands why he was fired from the series in the first place. He also “got it in the end,” by being made the subject of joke after joke before he was finally killed off, for good.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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