Candidates for 2016 Lack Commitment

Candidates for 2016 Lack Commitment


I don’t get it. Sometimes when I lack understanding about an issue or situation in the news, and after researching the issue, I say to myself; ‘okay, I get it.’ Other times, just like this instance, I really don’t understand. What is the problem with candidates who are without a doubt intending to make a run for the White House in 2016 committing to the fact?

The obvious is Hillary Clinton. She has gathered a qualified campaign staff; several Super PAC’s have been created to finance her campaign; and she resigned as Secretary of State to allow herself to be more visible and relate her stand on the issues without constraints. Just say it, Hillary; ‘I’m declaring my intention to run for the Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination in 2016.’

You want it, Hillary, we know you do. Just admit that you’re running, and allow the Republicans to begin their personal and political attacks. And be proud of the man who is in the White House presently; he is the most reputable person in Washington.

It’s impossible to list all of the likely Republican hopefuls, but here are some which we know will be seeking the GOP nomination.

Jeb Bush is a ‘Bush.’ He can’t resist an attempt to become president. If he has a doubt, it’s the fact that he is somewhat of an outsider in a party that has become representative of extremist’ views. Make no mistake about it, he will be in the primary debates.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie loves the limelight. His ego is larger than his girth, and he is a guarantee to be in the mix as the primaries begin; just admit it Governor. You’re the only one in denial.

Although he has only a minimal chance at best, Mike Huckabee cannot resist ‘one more time.’ The darling of the religious right has support from religious extremists who will urge him to challenge the rest. Sadly for Huckabee, only a singular group will support his effort.

Then there’s Rick Perry. We all know how badly he wants to be president and lead the entire nation in a backwards direction as he did the State of Texas. He will surely embarrass himself once more in the primaries; but that’s where it will end.

Besides the four Republicans who will undoubtedly declare their candidacy, four TEA Party favorites must admit the fact that they will participate in the GOP primaries.

Rand Paul, the junior Senator from Kentucky, has been campaigning continuously from the completion of the words, “I do,” at the end of his oath of office. He has vacillated on multiple issues, which only proves that he will be a candidate. The only way Paul separates himself from other TEA Party favorites is by his libertarian views; but he does not appear to be dedicated to all libertarian principles.

Ted Cruz will be another hopeful from the State of Texas. The Senator’s views are largely destructive, but he adheres to the standards of the TEA Party much more closely than the others. His platform is filled with extreme ideas which would mean destruction for the middle class.

Marco Rubio, the junior Senator from Florida is certain to be among the hopefuls, but he won’t say so; yet. However, he continues to put a team together which most certainly puts him in the fray. He will have a problem; his stance on immigration and efforts by the President to restore relations with Cuba, will likely lose him the Hispanic vote he previously controlled.

Last, but not least is Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. He wants to be the president as much as he wants to see labor pushed down to the poverty level. He believes that he will receive the support of big business by demonstration of his philosophy that working class wages are too high, and that corporations should be allowed to become more profitable.

Why don’t they all, and others not listed here, simply be honest. I am well aware that honesty is a word not found in the ‘politician’s dictionary,’ but it’s time a tiny bit of truth was told. All of these names will be on their party’s primary ballots; we know it, and they know it.

Commentary by James Turnage



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