Bruce Jenner May Have Caused Fatal Crash

Bruce Jenner May Have Caused Fatal Crash


Bruce Jenner may have cause the car crash that led to one fatality. He rear-ended a vehicle on Saturday, which ended up driving into oncoming traffic. The driver of the Lexus hit by the reality TV show died, and a 73-year-old woman is currently suffering from a spinal injury.

The oncoming car, a Hummer H2, was being driven by an Austrian musician, who had his wife and two children in the vehicle. They were taken to the hospital after the accident. Jenner later shared his deepest sympathies to the families involved, and claimed that the accident had been caused due to paparazzi chasing him. It was soon found that there was no evidence of that, and the police continued to look into the situation.

Peter Wold Millesi was driving the Hummer, heading southbound on L.A.’s Pacific Coast Highway. His wife Lea was later photographed strapped to a stretched. Her 28-day-old baby was held by a first responder as they were taken to the ambulance. She and others were taken to Santa Monica Hospital.

Witnesses have been asked to share information on the crash, while police work out what happened. They have already gained access to the reality TV star’s phone records to check for information. It is possible that he was talking on the phone at the time of the crash, and Jenner may have caused the fatality.

Witnesses originally said that the Lexus initially hit a Prius, before being hit by Jenner and then hitting the Hummer. One source says that the Lexus definitely left an imprint in the Toyota Prius, the front vehicle involved in the multi-vehicle crash. However, the Prius driver said that she does not remember being hit twice, and only remembers the one long impact. She never checked her rear-view mirror to see who was at fault.

Police are looking into the possibility that the Prius driver caused the accident. One thought was that she performed an illegal U-turn, leading to the incident. However, she says that did not happen and investigators currently believe her story. She will face charges of driving with a suspended license, though.

Jenner was checked to see if he was driving under the influence, but has been cleared of alcohol. The police are still waiting for his toxicology results. He is fully cooperating with the police, allowing them to retrieve all information about braking and speed from their car modules. The police expect to get the cars next week to check for this evidence. Police also want to see if the allegations of the Lexus driver tailgating the Prius are true. There are currently no witness allegations, but if the driver was caught driving too close she may get some of the blame.

It has been a heartbreaking situation for many, and police are working constantly to find out the cause. Jenner has reportedly put off his transgender surgery while the police get to the bottom of the incident. He claims that the Lexus driver slammed on her brakes and he did not have a chance to stop. However, it is possible that Jenner may have partially caused the fatal crash, and all possibilities are being considered.

By Alexandria Ingham


New York Daily News



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