Bill O’Reilly Uncovered Again

Bill O’Reilly Uncovered Again


Bill O’Reilly is FOX News’ largest celebrity. His arrogant and demeaning style is obviously appealing to the station’s fans. The problem is that fame mixed with arrogance instigates an attitude that one is ‘bulletproof.’ Stretching the truth or telling lies will never be discovered, especially if you are broadcasting on FOX. And if you are a FOX celebrity, you are living in the mid 1900’s, not in today’s world of electronics and social media. Falsehoods will be revealed. Mr. O’Reilly is a lucky man; unlike Brian Williams, who was on a legitimate news network, he is very unlikely to be suspended or fired; FOX needs the ratings.

O’Reilly likely assumed that the expose of his false claim to have been in the Falklands during the war between Argentina and Britain was the end of it; so sorry Bill. There are now two more claims by O’Reilly which are in doubt. Yes Bill, there is a ‘spin zone,’ and you’re in the middle of it.

One issue is a tale told in O’Reilly’s bestselling 2012 non-fiction book ‘Killing Kennedy.’ It begins in March of 1977 when O’Reilly was a young television reporter working for WFAA in Dallas, Texas. He claims that he began looking into JFK’s assassination, and discovered a former Russian college professor who had immigrated to the United States. He was a person of interest because he had befriended Lee Harvey Oswald and his wife when they moved to Dallas. The man’s name was George de Mohrenschildt. He had been contacted by a congressional committee to testify knowledge that he may have had about the assassination. Before that occurred, O’Reilly wrote that he traveled to Palm Beach, Florida where de Mohrenschildt was staying with his daughter. As he knocked on the door, he heard a shotgun discharge. O’Reilly claimed that he rushed around the porch and found de Mohrenschildt dead.

Two WFAA reporters, one of which continues to work at the Dallas station, dispute O’Reilly’s story for two reasons. First of all, it was a newspaper story, not one for a television reporter working for an affiliate station. Most importantly, he was in Dallas when the suicide was committed. Phone records prove the fact. The WFAA reporter also contends that O’Reilly stole the facts from the Dallas Morning News who broke the story.

The other incident involves a report by O’Reilly on his radio show in 2005 and on FOX in 2012 claiming that he was a witness to murder of four nuns in El Salvador in 1980. He reported that he saw them as they were shot in the back of the head during the country’s civil war. There’s a slight problem here. In another of his books, ‘The No Spin Zone,’ he stated that he didn’t arrive in El Salvador until 1981. He later ‘spun’ the story and said he was only referring to reported incidents.

Now here comes what we expected; FOX is in the business of lying to its viewers, and because of that fact they are supporting O’Reilly. This once again proves that O’Reilly, nor anyone else on FOX is a true newsperson.

I believe NBC owes Mr. Williams an apology.

By James Turnage



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