Benedict Cumberbatch Breaks Hearts by Wedding on Valentine’s Day

Benedict Cumberbatch Breaks Hearts by Wedding on Valentine’s Day


When Benedict Cumberbatch wedded his fiancée, Sophie Hunter, on Valentine’s Day, hearts around the world were broken. Though the couple had been romantically linked with each other as far back as September 2014 and the news that they had become engaged was reported the social section of The Times on November 5, millions of love-lorn fans held out the slim hope that they still might have a chance with the Sherlock star, as he had not yet tied the knot. However, on Saturday, February 14, that is exactly what Cumberbatch did, when he wed his pregnant girlfriend.

Benedict Cumberbatch, 38, who also starred in the movie The Imitation Game as Alan Turing, a man credited with being instrumental in solving the WWII Enigma Code, wed the love of his life, Sophie Hunter, in a small and private ceremony on February 14, Valentine’s Day, on the Isle of Wight in England. Fans of Cumberbatch hot Twitter and other social media sites, writing comments such as that their lives were now over or that their hearts were broken, and Valentine’s Day was now ruined for them.

With February 14 being one of the year’s most romantic days, it is no wonder that Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter decided to get wed on Valentine’s Day with family and close friends in attendance. Some of the celeb guests included two of Cumberbatch’s co-stars from Sherlock, Andrew Scott and Martin Freeman. Scott plays the villainous Moriarty and Freeman, of course, plays Dr. John Watson. Also, actor Tom Hiddleston, who stars in The Avengers franchise as Loki, was a guest. Hunter, 36, is an actress and a Samuel Beckett award-winning theater director.

Benedict Cumberbatch starred alongside Sophie Hunter in the 2009 movie, Burlesque Fairytales. They also were photographed together last summer, enjoying the action of the courts at the French Open.

Many reporters from U.S. media sources asked Cumberbatch why he had chosen to announce his engagement to Sophie Hunter in a newspaper’s social pages. He said that was “a normal thing to do in my country.” Announcing one’s engagement in a newspaper has the advantage of letting a lot of one’s family members and friends know about the news at the same time.

The quaint 12th century medieval church on the Isle of Wight, St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church, which the couple got wed in is quite pretty and picturesque, though it is relatively small. It is best suited for small weddings of maybe 100 guests maximum. That was perfect for Benedict Cumberbatch and Hunter, who did not want there to be a lot of media fanfare surrounding their wedding.

According to The Telegraph, Sophie Hunter arrived at the Isle of Wight church around 3:20. She had her brown hair tucked up underneath her white veil and security personnel holding umbrellas ushered her into the building.

By 4:15 p.m., the wedding ceremony was over. The happy couple left the church in a Jaguar and drove to Mottistone Manor, where the reception was held. It made for a beautiful location for the reception, with tons of charm and lovely gardens.

Sorry, fans of Benedict Cumberbatch who might have hoped that one day, the Sherlock star would arrive on a white horse and propose, because as of Saturday, February 14, Valentine’s Day, the actor officially wed his fiancée, Sophie Hunter. The staff of The Public Slate congratulates Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter as they celebrate this happy occasion in their lives.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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  1. Why do all social media websites think that we as fans are this unhappy because Benedict is getting married. I AM PERSONALLY SO HAPPY FOR HIM, MY BABY IS ALL GROWN UP, SO PROUD.

  2. I did not include Tweets of fans, but some media sites have, of fans who did state that they were heartbroken over Benedict having gotten married. I say, personally, he’s a grown man, he should marry whomever he wants who also is love with him, no big deal; but, not everyone seems to feel the same way….