50 Shades of Grey Expected to Reach $90 Million by Monday

50 Shades of Grey Expected to Reach $90 Million by Monday


The book-turned-movie 50 Shades of Grey is expected to reach $90 million at the box office by Monday. Experts believe that it has the potential, after already breaking a record this weekend. It is the highest grossing movie ever for President’s Day weekend.

Despite the $81.7 million total, the movie is not the highest grossing in February of all time. That title still belongs to Mel Gibson with his controversial biblical movie Passion of the Christ. It grossed more than $83 million in its first weekend alone. However, 50 Shades of Grey has certainly exceeded some expectations.

It is believed that the controversy around the movie led to the high turnout. It also helps that it was based on a book that has sold more than 100 million copies around the world. The three-part book series was the works of E.L. James, who was originally creating a Twilight fan fiction for herself. When she received high praise, she decided to change the characters and make it her own works, leading to the book that it is today.

There have been many against the movie, asking people not to put money into the franchise. Those against it claim that it supports violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual abuse. However, those in favour of the books and movie state that everything that happens is safe and consensual. At the end of the first book, the main female character Anastasia Steele leaves Christian Grey because the fun has gone too far.

With so many against the movie, it was surprising for some to find out that 50 Shades of Grey is expected to reach $90 million by Monday. This is based on the $81.7 million that it has already received. Worldwide, it has already grossed more than $150 million.

The director Sam Taylor-Wood now holds the title of highest-grossing movie from a female director. That was previously held by Catherine Hardwick, who directed the movies based on Twilight, the movie 50 Shades of Grey was originally based on.

There are many mixed reviews over the movie. While some critics have given it four stars, there are others who have given it scathing reviews. Some of those include Lisa Wilkinson and YouTube vlogger Chris Stuckmann, who both ranted about how terrible the movie was.

50 Shades of Grey cost just $40 million to make. The profits are now quickly growing, as it continues to be watched by thousands around the world. Many of them are fans of the book who want to see just how different the book and movie are. However, there are many attending how have not read the book just to see what all the hype is about with this movie.

Kingsman: The Secret Service also debut this weekend. While it did not do as well, it did better than expected grossing $35.6 million. Many expect that this was from the men who were dragged to the movie theaters by their wives and girlfriends, but did not want to see the S&M movie. However, that does not stop the expectations that 50 Shades of Grey will reach $90 million by Monday.

By Alexandria Ingham


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