Trump Must Find Reality

Trump Must Find Reality


Not a single human being in this world has a bigger ego than Donald Trump. He considers himself the most successful business man of all times, although his Atlantic City Casinos are closing. He trades his wives in the way some men trade-in cars. He may be educated, but that doesn’t remove the word ‘ignorant’ out of the words used to describe him. His arrogance makes him the most irritating man in the world. The reality is; Trump must find his. Have I left anything out?

The ‘Donald’ was speaking at the ‘Iowa Freedom Summit’ Saturday. This meeting of Republican supporters signaled that the 2016 presidential primary campaign has begun. It’s probably a good idea to begin early; there may be as many as 30 individuals adding their names to the ballot.

The man with the bad toupee lambasted Mitt Romney, who was not present. He said that the Republican Party cannot allow him to run for a third time. He said that Romney not only failed, he ‘choked.’ Trump boasted that ‘he could have beaten Obama.’ He rambled on and on, telling the audience that George W. Bush is responsible for Obama winning in 2008.

He didn’t forget Jeb Bush, who was also absent. He said ‘we can’t have another Bush.’ He went on to criticize his policies on education and immigration.

Trump said that our nation can be great again, suggesting that he should lead the way. The most interesting fact is that Trump received applause and some cheers. What a crowd.

The man who received the warmest reception was Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. He received a standing ovation after saying the he was ‘considering a run for the White House in 2016. But who isn’t?

The only ego in the Republican Party which may exceed Trump’s is that of Sarah Palin, better known as ‘Caribou Barbie.’ She claims that she is considering placing her name on the primary ballot.

On the list of unqualified Republicans who want to be president, Trump and Palin are numbers one and two. Democrats would have all their prayers answered if the GOP waved the white flag and nominated Trump for President and Palin for Vice-President. What fun! Of course that would never work because neither of them would place their enormous egos aside and accept the second spot on the ticket.

Of course the meeting began with all speakers bashing the President. It’s doubtful that they missed one topic for which he was not to blame. The V.A. was his fault, although he doesn’t directly oversee it; the IRS scandal was the fault of Mr. Obama, although investigations by Republicans proved that it wasn’t; the President was blamed for ‘un-Constitutional overreach with immigration, although Republicans in the House failed to take any action. And he was ostracized for anything else you might think of, including the attack on our embassy in Benghazi, which was also investigated by Republicans and they denied that any blame for the murders was the responsibility of the President.

If only it were possible that Trump received the GOP nomination. I love the late night talk shows. He would be more fodder for Jimmy Fallon, Seth Myers, Jimmie Kimmel, and Steven Colbert than anyone else in history. If he was a contestant on his own television show, he would have been fired long ago.

Commentary by James Turnage



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