Texas Ahead of all States With Insane Legislators Allowing Murder by Teachers

Texas Ahead of all States With Insane Legislators Allowing Murder by Teachers


We all knew that under the rule of Rick Perry the government of Texas could be labeled ‘bat-s**t crazy.’ Nothing has changed now that he has gone. I’m not making this up; if you have a child in a Texas public school, and he or she is killed by a teacher by any method, that teacher cannot be prosecuted. If this bill passes, Texas teachers can pull out a gun, which they are authorized to possess on campus, and shoot your child; they will receive no punishment. Not a single state in the union can touch the insanity of the Lone Star State.

At one time Texas wanted to secede from the union; can we please let them?

The law is not intended only for the protection of individuals in a possibly dangerous situation, it is designed to protect property as well. If a teacher believes that an individual, including students, is going to harm the school in any manner, they can use force; lethal if they decide it is necessary. It’s good to know that the Texas legislature is compassionate towards it children!

I guess we should expect all of this from Texas; after all it gave the nation Rick Perry and George W. Bush. Both of their greatest achievements as governors were the number of death row inmates they executed. What an honorable accomplishment.

The bill is called ‘the Teacher’s Protection Act.’ No one appreciates teachers more than I do, and I understand the possible dangers to them while they are performing their admirable profession. But why should they receive immunity from prosecution for an warranted criminal action, which might or might not have been justified?

How did this bill come to be? State Representative Dan Flynn introduced the bill. He has also introduced legislation to forbid any other religion than Christians and Jews to have a voice in the laws of Texas.

A lobbyist who works for the teachers says that the law is unnecessary and excessive. In Texas anyone is allowed to kill another person if it is in self-defense, and there is no recourse.

Allowing a teacher to defend school property, including the defacing of building by using lethal force seems somewhat excessive.

Let’s get serious. Would any normal human being want to live in Texas if they weren’t forced to be there? Minorities and the poor are treated like trash, and women are regarded as inferior to men. With this latest effort, human life would be secondary to a brick and mortar structure.

The United States does not need Texas; it does not contribute one single positive product or ideology for the common good. Texans care about Texans; they despise all progressive thinking and are happy with the way their state is governed. Let them have it. If we need 50 states, let’s annex Puerto Rico.

Flynn is a leader of the gun nuts in Texas, and there are millions. He believes that everyone should be armed on every campus in the state. Basically I agree with him; Texans killing other Texans is not a bad thing; it is a cleansing for the nation.

Commentary by James Turnage



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  1. I am a Texas teacher and I disagree with this law. This is an attempt to placate us for still educating our students on 2006 budget levels.
    Having said that, I would love for Texas to secede.
    I guess that the only thing that you would miss from us is oil/gas to drive your cars and heat your homes.
    Oh and I guess a lot of the food you eat…
    I guess that wouldn’t have too much affect on you.