Tesla’s ‘Insane Mode’ Tested in Surprising Way

Tesla’s ‘Insane Mode’ Tested in Surprising Way [Video]


Tesla has an $120,000 speedster that does indeed come with a ‘insane mode’ button that will engage the front and rear motors simultaneously. The front engine has 221 horsepower and the rear sports 470 horsepower, and engaging them at the same time can take your breath away. This little beauty is called Tesla’s Model S P85D, and it can reach a mind-blowing 60 miles per hour in a little over three seconds, which is enough to scare the pants off of any passenger if they are not aware of what is about to happen. That is just what Brooks Weisblat, CEO of Drag Times did in the video below, and the reactions of the unsuspecting passengers are priceless, and a great source of entertainment.

Weisblat had a lot of fun with the citizens he used as test subjects, and those willing passengers in this power ride got the surprise of a lifetime. The CEP stated that he particularly enjoyed the girl whose iPhone was stuck by the G Force to the back seat, and he stated as much on his blog. Tesla put a lot of thought and road trials into this new vehicle and Weisblat stated that it is as safe as anything with this rapid of acceleration. This mass production vehicle has even been tested in the rain, and those testing it have stated that it is stable and safe at any speed, even daring to use the insane button in the rain did not get this car to skid out of control.

What might surprise you is that the Tesla Model S P85D is an electric car that is insanely fast. Tesla CEO Elon Musk introduced this amazing piece of technology in the flashiest of ways, it was presented to the public at SpaceX which is next door to one of LAX’s hangers, and is dubbed the rocket factory. SpaceX is also situated almost directly under one of the flight paths of LAX. When CEO Musk, heard of Drag Times test run video with unwitting passengers he took to Twitter to express his delight.


They also unveiled their less than turbo vehicle options, at the same time they revealed to the world the S P85D. The crowd assembled and got their first look at what the insane button was all about. The model S comes in several different models that mainly come as a normal accelerating car, but for a mere six figures one can get the insane model. By adding the second engine behind the front axle also makes this vehicle an all wheel drive. Two of the other models released, the 60D and 85D also have an engine on the rear axle as well. Although nothing compares to the 691 horses under the hood of the S P85D, as each and every person in the Drag Times video will attest to. Even a kindly grandmotherly looking women swears like a sailor, although what words she uses will be up to your imagination, as this video hasĀ bleeped out the expletives.

by Kristi Cereska

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