Terrorize the Terrorists?

Terrorize the Terrorists?


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Jihadist terrorists are lethal, immoral, Muslim killing gangs. They act with impunity and don’t care if they are killed. Many times, they are suicide bombers and are treated as heroes back home. The members of Hamas and Hezbollah, the Palestinian terrorist organizations, had their faces put up on flags and posters and their families were given generous payment if they killed Israelis and died in the process. Salman Rushdie wrote,

But there’s one thing we must all be clear about: terrorism is not the pursuit of legitimate goals by some sort of illegitimate means. Whatever the murderers may be trying to achieve, creating a better world certainly isn’t one of their goals. Instead, they are out to murder innocent people.

Until recent years, it was just Jews in Israel, so who cared? Israel was even criticized for responding to the Palestinians terrorists with aggression. Now, though, that it is the French, Belgians, Americans, Brits, Nigerians, and so many other countries, the world finally really cares.

Muslims constantly state that they are a peace-loving religion, but where has their religious leadership been during these decades of terrorism? Silent. Where have the Muslim political leaders of the 49 largest Muslim majority countries like Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangledesh, Nigeria, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, and Malaysia been for decades? Silent again, except for a recent minimal pronouncement by the new President of Egypt. These terrorists are idolized and serve as role models for others, used for recruiting. If they survive and are caught, they are heroes. There are no significant negative consequences for their murderous rampages.

One possible solution to this horrible dilemma is to change the laws of the non-Muslim world to make all the first degree family members of any terrorist also culpable and thus also subject to the death penalty. This would mean that the spouse, parents, siblings, and children of any terrorist could also be executed. In this scenario, the terrorists would get a taste of their own medicine and realize there are consequences for their murderous senseless murders. If they have no qualms about killing multi-generational families, then they should be prepared to have their entire families executed.

Is this a major shift in civilized democratic thinking? It is, but a new paradigm is required in order to counter this new scourge. There may be other new ideas also, but of primacy is the need to be looking at ways to provide catastrophic consequences if this tidal wave of death and destruction is to be slowed. These murders are clearly not anything that Allah would have wanted, so it’s not religious persecution or freedom of religion issue. It’s Muslim gang warfare. Organized Crime.

Submitted by Anonymous (to protect him/her)

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