Steve Jobs Movie Begins Production

Steve Jobs Movie Begins Production


The upcoming movie about the life of Steve Jobs which has seen so many delays and changes looks like it is finally in production now. There has been an announcement revealing the cast and a synopsis, and shooting reportedly started on Tuesday. The role of the tech icon will be filled by Michael Fassbender, and he will be joined by film veterans Kate Winslet and Seth Rogen among others. The biopic is slated to have a strong, and expensive, list of actors. There have been numerous obstacles to the film ever getting made, with several cast changes, a change in directors which almost turned into two, and a move from Sony to Universal as the studio releasing it. At many points, it was doubtful that the movie would see the light of day. Aaron Sorkin wrote the screenplay, and Danny Boyle will direct. Boyle had been on board to direct at Sony, but left the project in light of the delays and problems that had come up. He has been convinced to rejoin now, however, and has at long last begun to film.

Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and Jobs’ partner, will be played by Rogen. Joanna Hoffman, a manager in marketing for Apple during the Macintosh release, will be portrayed by Winslet. Jeff Daniels will also be joining the cast in the role of John Sculley, who was once the Apple CEO, and the Andy Hertzfeld role was given to Michael Stuhlbarg. Universal is banking on the star-power of the cast to make the film a success, and is hoping that it will pay off both monetarily and in terms of award buzz when it is released in 2016. That is contingent, of course, on there being no more major delays and the film actually being released.

Sony was originally going to produce the movie, and they had selected David Fincher as the director. Leonardo DiCaprio was the original actor intended to play Jobs. Fincher dropped out of the film amid rumors that there had been a dispute over his contract demands. According to those rumors, he had been looking for a pre-filming $10 million payment and marketing control. Those demands were apparently not met. DiCaprio left in favor of filming the feature film The Revenant, saying that he would be taking a break from acting immediately after that.

Christian Bale was announced as the replacement on the project for DiCaprio, though he left in November, saying the role was not for him. Sony chose Fassbender then, a choice which Boyle reportedly did not support initially, but it appears that everyone has reconciled to that choice as filming has already begun.

The film will be filmed as a trio of long, real-time scenes. That decision had some wondering if even a strong cast like the one that was chosen could pull it off. Boyle believes in the vision, though, and has his team completely invested. The goal for the producers is to make a film that erases the box-office flop about Jobs in 2013 from the memories of movie-goers. That film, Jobs, starred Ashton Kutcher and was very poorly received. Universal is betting that Steve Jobs will meet with a kinder and more lucrative fate.

By Jim Malone


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