Stephen Fry and Elliot Spencer Marry

Stephen Fry and Elliot Spencer Marry


Stephen Fry and his 27-year-old fiancé Elliot Spencer are now married. The QI host announced the nuptials on Twitter shortly afterwards. The update included a picture of the two signing the register together, while in Dereham, Norfolk.

Spencer quickly retweeted his husband’s update to his own fans. A number of people quickly congratulated the pair, with Derren Brown being the first. Hugh Laurie, who has co-starred with Fry on a number of occasions, also took to Twitter to congratulate the happy couple.

The news of the wedding comes days just after they announced their engagement. On January 6, Fry shocked many when he announced the engagement to someone 30 years younger than himself. He used the social media site to make the announcement, saying that he had hoped for a private ceremony. No details of the relationship or when the wedding would take place were shared at the time. Many expected it to take some time before the two would tie the knot.

The couple allegedly started a relationship in the summer. In September, they were photographed together for the first time, and rumors that they were dating quickly spread. The Black Adder actor has regularly kept his private life away from the papers. The news of the engagement only became apparent when the two officially announced their intending nuptials with the registry, as is legally required. This gave them 12 months to marry, but they have not needed that time. Fry and Spencer have now married.

Documents in Norwich stated that the wedding would take place at Breckland Business Centre. It also listed the occupation of writer for Spencer, while Fry stated he is an actor. Despite the photo on Twitter, no information has been shared about the location or the event, except that it was in the registry office. The business centre houses the registry office.

The couple has not been out of the papers since Fry confirmed his engagement. Spencer was later in court due to speeding, where he received a one week ban. He was travelling at 101 MPH on a 70 MPH road. Fry offered to be a witness at the court hearing, where he stated that it was his fault despite not driving. The two were running late for an event in Wales after hitting traffic, and the comedian told his fiancé to put his foot down. The magistrate was exceptionally lenient with the sentence, acknowledging that the car was also not one that Spencer was used to driving. They had hired an Aston Martin to determine whether to buy one.

While Fry is now known for hosting comedy game show QI, he is best known for his role in the variations of Blackadder. It was during the show that he became friends with Laurie, who also appeared in the show. Laurie tweeted about Spencer making an honest man out of his friend with his congratulations.

He and Spencer have not spoken about how they met or started their relationship. Fry and Spencer are very private people, but did share the photo of them getting married.

By Alexandria Ingham


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