State of the Union or Declaration of War?

State of the Union or Declaration of War?


The greatest complaint many Democrats and all Independents have about President Obama is that he failed to accomplish many of his campaign promises. In all fairness, obstruction by a Congress which promised to ‘do nothing’ removed his ability to pass important legislation which would have positively affected the majority of Americans. Tomorrow night is his next-to-last State of the Union Speech. Early information regarding its content reveals that it may be a declaration of war.

The President’s proposals are unlikely to be addressed by the Republican controlled Congress, but the challenge will be made.

His obvious intentions are to highlight the fact that the GOP is the ‘party of the rich and super-rich.’ The issues he will present are intended to affect the working class and poor in necessary change, while asking the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share and possibly reduce their profits by small amounts.

He will propose raising inheritance taxes and capital gains for the wealthiest one-percent of Americans. He will ask for a $60 billion program which would give all of our nation’s people a free two-year education at a community college. All Americans would receive up to seven paid sick days each year. Federal workers with newborn children would receive up to six weeks of paid family leave. Mortgage insurance costs for 250,000 first time home buyers would be reduced by $900. He will propose raising the federal minimum wage. And he will seek funding for infrastructure construction which would create thousands of new jobs.

If you are a radical conservative, you are laughing.

If you are Donald Trump, you are accusing the President of an attempt to further divide the country. It seems to me the one-percent are split from the working class by an entire nation.

What will Republicans counterproposal look like?

What they have already done is alarming; and actions by the GOP are creating a nation of ‘have and have-nots.’

Republicans have already acted to change the definition of full-time employee. At present, if a worker is employed for 30 hours a week, he is considered eligible for insurance under the Affordable Care Act. They want to change it to 40 hours per week.

They want to remove disability payments for 10.2 million Americans who are unable to work.

They will seek cooperation from the business community to cut pension plans for their employees.

Republicans want to cease the payment of overtime and replace it with ‘comp time.’

We all knew that they would make efforts to repeal President Obama’s executive action which allows five million immigrants legal status.

Another old sage which has failed over 50 times; repeal the mandate that employers provide health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Return to the policies of George W. Bush and remove regulations on the banking industry, leading us into another recession.

Reward the misnamed ‘job creators’ by reducing corporate tax rates.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are your legislators at work, but not at work for you. The little effort they exude is for themselves and the wealthy; and if you don’t believe that, your income must be more than $200,000 per year.

By James Turnage


FOX News

Photo courtesy of Pat Kight

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