Speaking Truth to Power

Speaking Truth to Power


Slogans abound, and some of them are true. The greatest truism of all is that ‘the pen, (truth), is mightier than the sword.’ But, what is truth; or more precisely, ‘what is truth to you?’ What is your personal truth which gives you power; power to be yourself; power to stand up to oppression; power to seek justice for yourselves and others?

Truth is the result of complete faith, and unquestioning belief. This deep and unwavering belief in someone or something is the result of a search for knowledge, but it is equally the product of our personal sense of morality and our ability to reason. Friedrich Nietzsche said: “On the mountains of truth you can never climb in vain: either you will reach a point higher up today, or you will be training your powers so that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow.”

Once we discover our truth, we must speak it loudly and affirm that this is our own profound belief, and for each of us separates right from wrong; strength from weakness; the light from the dark. Supported by truth we possess power; power which cannot be taken from us by any force in heaven or on earth. Booker T. Washington said: “Character is power.” The character of an individual is his legacy to mankind, and it will be remembered long after physical accomplishments are forgotten.

Today we celebrate the life of Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.  Dr. King was a powerful man who influenced lives so numerous they cannot be counted. Nearly every accomplishment which insures complete equality for all people today is a result of his efforts. His power came from unquestionable truth. As he spoke the truth that ‘all men are created equal,’ he spoke for all mankind and in turn gave them the power to continue the struggle once he was no longer with us.

The President of the United States is frequently referred to as the ‘most powerful man on earth.’ Is that an accurate description? He may have the ability to end the world by use of force, but is that true power?

The President is first and foremost a politician; not the most respected profession. When he speaks the truth, he can move men; his words can motivate other men and women to accomplish great things. If he is less than truthful, his words are powerless and fall harmlessly to the earth, bypassing the ears of the men for which they were intended.

Some of the most powerful men and women on the earth do not rule countries; are not counted among the wealthiest; and are not military leaders who have behind them the power of huge armies. These powerful individuals stand behind pulpits in churches, or stand in front of their congregations in Synagogues and Mosques. They believe they know the truth, and by teaching their followers they amass great power over those who listen and believe. None of this is possible if the faithful do not believe in the words of these holy men. Unquestioned belief results in indestructible power.

The Public Slate is a forum. It is intended to be a venue for opinions. One person’s ‘truth’ may not be that of another; and that’s the purpose of TPS. The core of our nations’ strength is free speech. The expression of ideas resulting from personal life experiences is mandatory in the creation of an ever-changing and progressive society.

TPS contains news, sports, and entertainment, but its similarity to most other publications ends there. It is and was meant to be a forum for ideas; for personal truth and personal empowerment. Join us in our motto: “Speaking Truth to Power.”

Everyone wants to be heard; the TPS gives everyone the opportunity.

Editorial by James Turnage

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