Satan has a Name: Dick Cheney

Satan has a Name: Dick Cheney


Commentary by James Turnage

Dick Cheney was the Secretary of Defense under George H. W. Bush, and Vice-President under George W. Bush. In between he was the CEO of a company with a sordid reputation, Halliburton. Many believe that he was the ‘Ghost President’ when ‘W’ was in office. There is little doubt that practices of torture were his idea and committed with his full approval. He was also influential in the awarding of a no-bid contract in Iraq to his old company Halliburton. Satan has been named ‘Lucifer;’ we know now that he has a twin brother, Dick Cheney.

When the Senate report about ‘enhanced interrogation’ techniques was revealed, Cheney praised the use of torture, claiming the information obtained was valuable. The report denied that any important data had been obtained. Senator John McCain, who was a POW in the Vietnam War, and tortured by his captors agreed. He said that the person being tortured will tell those performing the heinous acts anything they want to hear to make it stop.

Satan’s brother was forced to defend CIA torture; the order came directly from the White House, and it is doubtful that ‘W’ would have originated the idea.

About 20 protesters pushed through the iron gate of Cheney’s home in Virginia yesterday. They were there to denounce the 14th anniversary of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. They carried signs saying ‘torturer lives here; ‘stop the torture now;’ and ‘close Guantanamo Bay,’ all the while chanting ‘arrest Dick Cheney.’

Police arrived and escorted the protestors off of the property; two refused to leave, a 57-year-old man and an 83-year-old woman, who were arrested on trespassing charges.

Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian reporter who received the NSA information from Edward Snowden, spoke in an interview with HuffPost on a wide variety of subjects. He claims that the Senate report is incomplete because no one has spoken to those who were tortured. He also said that Cheney should be in jail, and not on ‘Meet the Press,’ where Cheney told Chuck Todd that he ‘would do it all over again.’

Greenwald placed the blame for Cheney being a free man on the Obama Administration. He claims that those who broke the law and committed the crime of torture have been protected by the President. When Mr. Obama was running for the White House he was asked if perpetrators of war crimes should be prosecuted. He said it was a matter for the Attorney General to decide, but has since backed away from that statement. Greenwald also stated that the highest ranking officials in the United States are in collusion to guarantee they will not pay for their crimes.

Members of Cheney’s own party have been critical of Satan. Cheney is more than hawkish about American foreign policy, openly advocating war instead of diplomacy; he suggested Iran ‘should be bombed.’ Kentucky’s junior Senator Rand Paul accused Cheney of initiating the invasion of Iraq after the 9/11 attacks to increase the profits of Halliburton. Financial records prove that Cheney and Assistant Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz profited from the war in Iraq, having been heavily invested in the military industrial complex.

Years after the invasion of Iraq based on blatant lies to both Congress and the American people, the question must be asked; was the idea to go to war Cheney’s? There is no doubt he supported it. Was Cheney the source who exposed Valerie Plame for information her husband released proving that the Bush Administration lied about WMD’s?

Lucifer is proud of his brother.

By James Turnage





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  1. Public pressure may continue to the point that authorities will have to bow to the fact that this fiend should be tried for war crimes and war profiteering. If he and his ilk are never prosecuted the public will lose more respect for our government and other evil doers among the powerful will feel they too can get away with crime.