Sarah Palin in 2016?

Sarah Palin in 2016?


John McCain had one chance to become the President of the United States. In 2008 he was still a popular leader in the Republican Party. But he made one critical mistake; he allowed those in his inner circle to convince him to choose a vice-president who was not only unqualified, but also annoying. Sarah Palin was not simply a poor choice, she was, and is, a joke. Now she says that she is interested in 2016.

The American voter is guilty of electing unqualified Congressmen all too often. In 2000 they made their biggest mistake of all time and elected a man who failed at every previous business venture he attempted, and demonstrated that same lack of ability for eight long years while living in the White House. Even the slimmest possibility that another individual who failed her IQ test could become the leader of the free world is frightening.

The embarrassment she caused the nation during her 2008 campaign failed to sway ‘Caribou Barbie’ from remaining in the public eye; she is far too opportunistic.

Not only does Sarah Palin lack qualifications for public office, she also lacks ‘class.’ The near riot she and her family caused last year on her husband Todd’s birthday gave America insight into what the family is like in private, and how flawed she was as a parent. Her children acted like uneducated rednecks, and prove that the ‘apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.’

Her latest effort to add to a long list of ignorant and humiliating acts certainly lacks presidential stature.

On Friday a picture was posted on Facebook. It depicted Sarah Palin standing between two men. The three of them were holding a sign which had the words ‘Fuc_ You Michael Moore.’ The letters ‘o’ in Moore were meant to be the crosshairs in a rifle scope. They were obviously protesting Moore’s comments about the movie American Sniper.

If Sarah Palin were ever elected to office, (God forbid), she would be required to take an oath to protect the Constitution. Contained in that cherished document is a provision which guarantees the right of free speech. Voltaire’s most famous quote defines the American attitude regarding free speech: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

Palin, like other wannabes, continues to speak of ‘freedom’ and ‘the American people,’ but none of them believe the words they speak. They are simply taking advantage of their position in the public eye to become wealthy and maintain a lifestyle they do not want most Americans to have.

Palin claims that she still has the ‘need to serve.’ She should stay away from politics; if she needs to ‘serve,’ she should accomplish it by performing a job for which she is qualified; serving hamburgers at McDonald’s.

When President Obama began his first term, it was obvious that extremists on the right were angry, and actually displayed hatred for our country’s leader. I believed it was because he was a black man, knowing all too well that racism is alive and well in our nation. As time passed, I realized it was because he was intelligent, and they couldn’t compete with him.

America needs qualified and brilliant leaders. We do not need the Bush’s, Boehner’s, Perry’s, Huckabee’s, or McConnell’s of the world in political office. And we must definitely reject jesters such as Sarah Palin whether you are Democrat, Republican, or Independent. Our country deserves intelligent leaders.

Commentary by James Turnage




Talking Points Memo

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore

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  1. You miss the point entirely suggesting Sarah does not qualify! Every family, including yours, has misgivings. So what!!! She brings forward comments that strike our societies cords. The established hates her for doing this thing called “freedom of speech.” I’ll vote for her because she is an outsider. A refreshment our country needs. Yes, she may not be polished to your standard, but then, who says your standard is better? Your article is a joke.

    • Wow….sam your willingness to vote for a bigoted lying intellectually deficient candidate just because she is an “outsider” is a sad commentary on our government.

      • Its also a sad commentary,on the intellectual level that exist in america. A testament too our educational systems. The dumbing down of our citizenry is quite evident.

  2. So many Americans are STILL angry about the political game playing in Congress by far too many on both sides. THAT is why there is a growing NON-DEM and NON-GOP population.

    Sarah Palin considering a run again? Go for it, Sarah. I would enjoy that. There are far too few cleam comedy programs on television today and I would enjoy following you.

  3. Mostly right, please don’t insult the good people who sometimes make my quarter pounder deluxe though. Can’t handle interviews in a controlled setting. Highly unlikely she could work with the public in that capacity.

  4. For Dog Catcher? Seriously this boob with her silly sound bytes is a goofball. Her family like the Jetsons are apparently a crude brawling bunch. Not presidential timber by a long shot. even McCain rued the day he made her his running mate and she sealed any possibility of an upset while being disloyal to boot. For Palin it is all about her narcissistic self. Those who in Alaska had the misfortune to work with her know politically she is pure poison.

  5. Sarah…lol… like Rubio… she thinks she is hot stuff but in truth she is all the GOP represents in ignorance, vanity, one-toothed mentality, the worst of TV antics and family as well as nature values and would not know what it is like to complete an assignment such as being a govern-a-tor that she really wasn’t. Go for it GOP… make an arse of yourselves like John McCain did and put her face in your death throes of candidates. Sarah, could, on the other hand, no doubt, suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Her next step will likely be senior porn.

  6. The republicans sure are building up a list of morons for president (Cruz, Rubio, probably Perry, and now Palin) plus a loser (Romney). It would seem that they want to concede to the Democrats yet again.