Sarah Palin Hits Back at PETA Over Dog Controversy Photos

Sarah Palin Hits Back at PETA Over Dog Controversy Photos


Sarah Palin has hit back at PETA and various others for their less than impressed reactions to her six-year-old son using the family dog as a step stool to reach the counter. She put the animal rights organization on blast, saying that they pick and choose who they support based on what celebrities appease them at the time of the fight they pick.

In the defense raised in question, the 50-year-old made reference to the fact that current United States president Barack Obama had openly admitted to eating a dog, a confession he made back in 2012. The animal consumption being referred to took place when the now 53-year-old was a small boy, and in Indonesia having dinner served by his step-father, Lolo Soetoro. Upon reliving said meal consumption, Obama said that he quite enjoyed the flavor and was subsequently very satisfied following his digestion of the aforementioned canine. Palin scoffed at the fact that PETA did in no way put the current POTUS on blast in any regard whatsoever, instead choosing the let the matter slide because he was a kid and in a country where such animal consumption is far less frowned upon than it is in North America.

Palin went on to say that the organization only gave legitimate acknowledgement to celebrities who had personally helped them by donating money, staging anti-fur protests, and the like. She also stated that her family treats the dog better than most people treat other human beings, something that PETA has brushed off as simply untrue and a wildly exaggerated statement. In terms of the former Alaskan governor’s diss relating to the animal rights foundation’s alleged bias toward famous people they have an inkling towards supporting, the group disregarded this statement as well. They issued a statement to popular gossip website TMZ in which they voiced their opinion that Palin had as little knowledge towards the organization in question as she did geography, referring to a 2008 incident in which the state of New Hampshire was less than enthused at the Idaho native saying that their state was part of the Northwest.

The picture in question was posted on New Year’s Day, and showed Trig Palin standing on black lab Jill, a puppy the family adopted this past summer. The dog is a trained service canine, registered to help the child in question get through everyday life, given that he is inflicted with Down’s Syndrome and requires assistance in order to get through regular tasks without difficulty. The general populace’s reactions to the photographs in question remain mixed. Those who support Palin and have information regarding the boy’s attachment to the dog regarding just how much he needs and relies on it to get by have defended the pictures, saying that he was in no way hurting the animal and that it could have moved easily if it was uncomfortable or in pain. However, those less supportive of the family in general have gone as far to say that Palin allowing her child to stand on the canine in question was flat-out animal cruelty, and that she should be even prosecuted as a result.

It remains to be seen whether Sarah Palin will give in to the public backlash regarding the photographs of her son Trig using the family dog as a step stool in order to reach the kitchen counter to do chores. As of right now, however, the politician is standing her ground and insisting she did nothing wrong whatsoever.

By Rebecca Grace

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    • I really doubt that it was the dogs choice…so many people are unaware of their pets feelings when they do stupid things to them. I ‘m sure they love their pets, how can you not…they really do make our lives better. Actually, a lot of people feel they are doing the dog or cat a favor by bringing them into their home. The truth is, we are blessed by them.