Rosie Perez Not Leaving ‘The View’

Rosie Perez Not Leaving ‘The View’


Rosie Perez is not leaving The View. Both ABC and Rosie O’Donnell have confirmed the news about the co-host’s position on the show. However, other co-hosts may not have the most stable spot on the show.

Many rumors spread that Perez was leaving the show. She is currently rehearsing for a Broadway production, and will remain there until the end of January. It meant that she was not on an episode of The View, and it quickly led to speculation of the hosting panel. Just last season there was a major overhaul of hosts, leaving just one veteran member.

ABC quickly took to the internet to shoot down all rumors. A spokesperson stated that the status of Perez on the show “has not changed,” but that does not address the long-term plans. She is currently only on a one-year contract, and she may leave at the end. It is possible that she will not return after her rehearsals for Fish In the Dark by Larry David have concluded.

Many fans of the daytime talk show already knew that the actress would miss out on all January appearances. ABC was very upfront when announcing her joining the panel in September, saying that she had already agreed to star opposite David on Broadway. That would mean all of January being taken up with the rehearsals, but that she would return in February.

Perez is not leaving The View, and that is something her co-host O’Donnell confirmed. O’Donnell used part of the broadcast on Thursday to say that her co-host would return. It is time to stop believing everything that is placed in magazines or online. She said that she was shocked to read that her co-host was leaving the night before, and she felt the need to put the rumors to rest.

The inclusion of the Broadway actress to join the cast has been hit with mixed reviews. When she was announced, along with Nicolle Wallace, many fans of the show wondered why. They wanted to know what she had done to earn a place on the daytime talk show.

One show insider helped to fuel the rumors that Perez was leaving The View, by saying that she was always “screwing things up.” She would spend a lot of time correcting herself, just a few episodes into the current season. There was also reportedly a brawl between O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg that left the young host in tears.

She has reportedly not felt comfortable while on the show, and it may not be surprising to hear that she may not sign on for another year once her contract is up. One source reportedly told the New York Daily News that she is struggling with the demanding job.

For now, she is definitely returning to the show. Her absence was planned from the start, and she is only missing for the month. She will return to the panel in February, once her Broadway rehearsals have come to an end. At this time, Perez is not leaving The View but may do once her contract is up.

By Alexandria Ingham


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