Romney Remains on the Wrong Channel

Romney Remains on the Wrong Channel


Mitt Romney called President Obama’s State of the Union speech, ‘disappointing.’ Of course he does not live in middle class America. This single word demonstrates that the twice-failed presidential candidate has not altered the way he thinks or what he believes in. Romney was obviously on the wrong channel Tuesday evening. While cheers rang out in the homes of working class America, Romney was speaking for the wealthy.

The Republican response can only be called ‘pathetic.’ Joni Ernst spoke from a position of inexperience and obviously has no connection to the American people. She claimed that the ideas proposed by the President were against the wishes of the American people. She must be living in an alternate universe.

Statistics reveal that the world is moving towards horrific predictions made in science fiction movies. In just a few years the one-percent wealthiest people in the world will control 50 percent of all of the world’s money. Immoral and unconstitutional actions by our government and the Supreme Court now allow the super-rich to purchase candidates by controlling elections. Citizens United claimed that corporations are ‘people.’ This bypassing of not only reality but constitutionality has nullified the rights of individual voters.

Romney claimed that Mr. Obama missed ‘an opportunity to lead.’ The likely 2016 presidential hopeful lacks understanding of what it means to lead. Romney leads a few; the President represents the many. The State of the Union sent a message to the 99 percent that someone in government is aware that they exist.

Not a single proposal by the President was unreasonable; none will find their way through a Republican controlled Congress. The GOP is the party of the wealthy; make no mistake by questioning that fact. How working men and women can vote for Republicans and maintain a clear conscience befuddles me.

Will Romney be part of the Republican debates in 2016? Is Rush Limbaugh a bigot? His wife, Ann, stated that Mitt and the entire family was finished with presidential campaigns after his 2012 loss. It now appears that she is supporting the never-ending ambition of her husband.

Romney has spent the last couple of weeks reuniting his campaign staff and renewing relationships with donors.

Recent polls of likely Republican voters reported that Romney would be their party’s first choice, closely followed by Jeb Bush. Polls taken this week display less fascination with the two members of the ‘old guard.’

In a recent poll 43 percent of Americans identify themselves as ‘Independent.’ Publications leaning left or right often claim that there are no true independents in American politics. They would be wrong.

Although it is true that of those 43 percent, most are more likely to align themselves with Republicans or Democrats, the votes of true Independents become more crucial. A small percentage of all voters will decide who wins and who loses in 2016.

Neither party can predict how Independent voters will respond when they go to the polls. For example; Independents voted favorably for Democratic House of Representative candidates in 2006, by a percentage of 57-39. In 2008 Independents favored Democrats by only eight percentage points, and then lost badly to Republicans as Independents in 2010 gave them a 19 percent advantage.

Independent voters are better informed than those who vote along party lines. They are also more diverse in age, race, gender, and income; their concerns are the concerns of the American people.

If Romney found the President’s speech ‘disappointing,’ was this a reaction geared towards his wealthy supporters, and was it honest or merely a political ploy? Reaction to the President’s speech gave hope to the majority of the American people; we have not been entirely forgotten. Unfortunately, the lowest voter turnout in over 40 years gave the party of the rich power in 2014.

We can expect little positive legislation from the 114th Congress.

Commentary by James Turnage


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