Rick Perry to Face Reality

Rick Perry to Face Reality


The very wealthy and many of those who believe they are elite and immune from prosecution for criminal activity often ignore the law. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry fits the mold. As governor he was a puppeteer, easily manipulating the people of Texas, and created the most backwards thinking nation in the union. There is little doubt that he once again has aspirations towards the White House, but first he will be forced to face reality.

In August Perry was charged with unlawful use of his gubernatorial power, as well as threatening a public official. Today the judge discarded an appeal by his attorneys. They claimed that he had acted within his powers when he executed a veto as he had previously threatened. This was a second attempt to remove the charges; another included a charge that the special prosecutor assigned to the case had not been properly sworn in before taking action on the accusations.

Perry’s offense was obviously political. When a Democratic District Attorney was convicted on a charge of drunk driving, and served jail time, Perry saw a chance to take action against the woman. Voters had approved a $7.5 billion law to establish a public corruption division in Travis County. Perry informed the District Attorney that unless she resigned, he would veto the bill. He did.

A mostly liberal grand jury voted to indict Perry; the judge who denied today’s motion to dismiss the case is a Republican.

Texas is the ‘darkest red state in the union.’ It was a surprise to most right wing supporters that the accusation remained. Republicans across the United States initially strongly supported the former governor, but as time passes and a trial nears, they have become less supportive. Funny what an upcoming presidential election can produce.

Meanwhile Perry claims that he has received support not only from Texas, but also from other states who approve of his ideology. He said that his campaign is ‘moving along as intended,’ and that he will make an announcement regarding 2016 in May or June.

Responding to questions regarding the indictment, he told reporters that the charges are no more than the ‘criminalization of politics.’ Perry also claimed that the charges are in violation of his Constitutional rights. He had the right to speak his mind when he demanded the District Attorney’s resignation.

Although Perry has never been forthcoming about what he would propose if he became the President, this is how he stands on many of the issues.

Perry is radically pro-life. He supports the Christian position. He took it a step farther in Texas making requirement at abortion clinic unreasonable. If the law is upheld, nearly all Planned Parenthood offices will be forced to close. Poor women will not be able to get an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy; only the wealthy will have the choice.

Perry opposes any cuts to defense spending to balance the budget. He also opposes any tax increase for the one-percent. However, he does believe in Medicaid cuts.

He does not believe in any form of government stimulus to grow the economy. He does believe in tax breaks for corporations and the banking industry to promote economic growth.

Perry is against any spending to regain our position in the world in regards to education.

He strongly supported our two failed wars, and applauds any and all efforts to fight terrorists overseas.

He repudiates any and all efforts to restrict the purchase of all types of weapons.

Perry would repeal the Affordable Care Act, leaving ten million Americans without health care.

He is opposed to gay marriage, and the vast majority of gay rights.

Perry believes in the deportation of over 12 million undocumented workers, and building more fences along our southern border.

Finally, he believes in the privatization of social security.

Welcome back to the 1950’s Rick Perry; and enjoy your alone time in prison.

Commentary by James Turnage


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