Reince Priebus Believes He Has Won the War

Reince Priebus Believes He Has Won the War


Reince Priebus was elected for the third time as the Republican National Committee chairman. He, like Mitt Romney, continues to receive the support of the GOP without accomplishing anything. For some unknown reason, he believes that by removing MSNBC from the list of networks which will televise the Republican presidential debates he has finally won a war.

In August 2013, well after Romney had lost the 2012 election, Priebus appeared on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe.’ He had a singular purpose; he chastised the former Republican Representative and the network for being unsupportive of the GOP. He said that the network did not deserve to host a debate.

Friday it was announced that Republicans would have nine debates. They will be hosted by FOX News, NBC, CBS, and the poorly rated FOX Business network. MSNBC will join FOX as networks not invited to host opponent’s debates. The last time FOX hosted a Democratic debate was in 2004. In 2007 they were scheduled to host a debate, but Democratic supporters urged several of the candidates to ‘back-out,’ and the debate was subsequently cancelled. Keith Olbermann co-hosted a Republican debate in 2007 for MSNBC; his criticism and style became the inspiration for Jeff Daniel’s character in HBO’s ‘The Newsroom.’

If the Republican debates are similar to those in 2012, all nine debates should probably be hosted by Comedy Central.

Mitt Romney spoke at the RNC meeting in San Diego Friday. Although he did not formerly declare himself a candidate for the White House in 2016, he did speak about the general election which is less than 22 months away. He said that the 2016 election will not be about the Obama years; it would be about the ‘post-Obama’ years and undoing the damage of eight years of Democratic leadership. He also bashed the foreign policies of the President and Hillary Clinton. He accused them of diplomatic attempts at peace rather than rushing into another unwinnable war. He continued by blaming President Obama for not winning the so called ‘war on terror,’ but never spoke of the facts; terrorist cells grew in numbers and were encouraged and inflamed by our invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

When Reince Priebus spoke, he admitted that 2016 was critical for the Republican Party. He and other Party leaders would analyze every step; winning back the White House in 2016 must be the focus.

Priebus did admit that there is a lack of competence in Washington; his Party is in control of both Houses. He was obviously referring to the President who has accomplished nearly every goal expressed by GOP candidates in the 2012 primaries, and in the presidential campaign. The recession is over.

Anyone can throw their hat into the ring during the primaries if they can obtain financial support; and nearly everyone is.

Besides Romney, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz, former Texas Governor Rick Perry will make his second attempt, and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will join the group.

Other declared candidates for the GOP nomination include; Kerry Bowers, Dale Christiansen, John Dummett Jr., Michael Kinlaw, Josue Larose, Dennis Michael Lynch, Michael Petyo, and Brian Russell. And there are many more who remain undeclared.

I hope they have a very large stage. How will the moderator find enough time to allow everyone their ‘ten minutes of fame?’

By James Turnage


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