Refurbished iPhone 6 on Offer at Walmart

Refurbished iPhone 6 on Offer at Walmart


Walmart is offering refurbished iPhone 6 phones at a reduced price. The idea of buying a refurbished phone may put some people off, but there are other aspects to consider before buying. While the phones are all supported by Apple and thoroughly tested, there are some drawbacks to opting for the cheaper phones.

For those outside of the United States, there is bad news. The refurbished iPhone 6 phones are only for American citizens. They will not be shipped out overseas, no matter how they are bought. The good news is that those in America will benefit from free shipping on all the cheaper phones.

Consumers in America will need to deal with the phones only being available on certain carriers. Over the weekend, there were Verizon versions, but at the time of writing this they were no longer available. Sprint only has the regular sized iPhone 6 phones available, while there are both the 6 and 6 Plus available for those on AT&T. AT&T offers the Space Gray and Silver versions of the two phones, while Sprint only has Space Gray or Gold available. Those who are on other carriers will know that there are unlocking options to use the phone on other networks. However, it is worth checking the terms and conditions of the warranty before doing this.

The refurbished iPhone 6 phones are on offer at Walmart, with a $150 price drop. That means those buying the regular size will pay just $498 instead of the usual $650. Those buying the 6 Plus can benefit from the price of $598 instead of $750. It certainly makes the phones more affordable to the masses.

All phones will be available with the iOS 8 operating system. Apple had a number of problems with the operating system update at the end of 2014, but now has version 8.1.2 available. All customers will be offered the chance to upgrade to the newer version, and are encouraged to do so. It will mean they get full function of their phones, without all the bugs.

The worry for many will be hearing that the iPhone 6 phones are all refurbished. This can lead to many nightmare situations. However, Walmart is only selling the phones that are in a like-new condition. They have been sold in the past and had faults found. However, all were returned to Apple, fixed and have been thoroughly tested. They are working as expected, and do come with a 90-day warranty should something occur. In most cases, the refurbished phones cause no problems and last just as long as the original counterparts.

The only memory size available for all phones is 16GB. All phones will come with the free 5GB iCloud storage that all Apple users get. There is no word on whether the larger memory phones will become available at a later date.

Those who have been waiting for a price drop in the phones can benefit right now. Walmart is offering the refurbished iPhone 6 phones with a $150 price drop until stocks last.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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