Presidential Bid and Pandering

Presidential Bid and Pandering


There is finally a guarantee that Mitt Romney will make a third run for the White House; he has begun pandering. The perennial candidate claims that he has changed his mind and climate change is a reality.

Republicans have constantly rebuffed over 99 percent of the world’s scientists. They deny that climate change was caused by man; that it was a natural phenomenon. Although there is proof that carbon emissions are the cause for disasters caused by extreme changes in our environment, Republicans fail to confirm the facts. Now a member of the GOP who is well-known and a possible front runner for their party’s nomination in 2016 has made a statement that the scientists are correct in their assessment.

Romney was attending an investment management conference in Utah Wednesday evening. He said that he believes that climate change is a reality; mankind is contributing to it; then he backtracked a bit and said that he was uncertain how much of it was a natural occurrence.

This was not the first time Romney referred to climate change. Each time his remarks failed to be less than a political response. He has never directly attributed the phenomenon to the use of fossil fuels. To the contrary, he has supported the oil companies, stating that they should be allowed to drill anywhere at any time.

Considering a possible reduction of support by big business for his presidential bid in 2016, he refused to attribute atmospheric changes directly to polluters. However, he also heard President Obama’s State of the Union speech Tuesday evening when the President firmly stated that climate change is a fact. For Romney to deny that fact would be an alienation of millions of voters who believe in the facts.

Statements recently made by Romney’s wife, Ann, are strong indicators that Romney III will be a reality. Although she previously stated that for the sake of his family there would be no third attempt, she recently admitted that there exists a strong possibility of another presidential campaign.

In 2012 Romney’s White House bid began in New Hampshire, which holds the nation’s first primary. For him, and all Republican candidates, 2016 will offer different avenues for prospective candidates.

The Republican Party Chairman in New Hampshire is a former Romney supporter. She says that the variety and sheer number of candidates in 2016 will make his presidential bid far more difficult. She said that he will be forced to work much harder to earn voter’s confidence.

If Romney fails to win the New Hampshire primary, he will face an uphill battle. Voter confidence will lag attaching another defeat to two failed presidential campaigns.

Romney’s pandering about climate change will be only the first of many. After the 2012 election, interviews with voters who admittedly considered casting their vote for the former Massachusetts governor, said that they did not believe he related to the middle and working class. He will be forced to find ways to convince the vast majority of voters that he is concerned about their needs and desires.

It will be over a year until a front runner emerges from the multitude of Republican wannabes. Will the GOP select Romney as their standard bearer for a third time? Stay tuned.

By James Turnage



Washington Times


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