Politicians are Expected to Lie

Politicians are Expected to Lie


If you must listen to a politician speak, beware. Know that what he or she is saying for the general public to hear are mostly blatant lies. There is no element of truth in politics; the truth will be exposed long after the speech is finished.

In their early years, some politicians are idealistic. Soon they learn that their only goal is to receive a sufficient number of votes to be elected. Nothing can be accomplished if that single goal is not achieved. Politicians quickly learn to lie; to tell the voting public what it wants to hear.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or an Independent, those who seek political office will say anything to get your vote. Professional politicians achieve that label by becoming experts at pandering.

If you accidentally turn on FOX News you will have stumbled upon a prevaricator’s dream world. The blatant lies and half-truths keep fact checkers very busy. Research proves that fans of FOX want to hear falsehoods; they expect to hear its on-air personalities tell them what they wish was the truth. For example; when Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama were battling for the presidency in 2012, right wing groups claimed that Mr. Obama was a Muslim. Millions of people believed it, because they wanted to believe it. A current example is climate change. Although there is more than substantial proof of its existence, millions of individuals, including most Republican Congressmen and Senators, deny the facts.

Human beings are more likely to remember a lie before the truth. A falsehood spoken months before the actual election may remain in the memory of a voter, and his or her ballot will be cast related to that memory.

The greatest lies told by politicians are campaign promises. Less than ten percent of a politician’s proposals result in legislation, and less than five percent receive a vote from Congress.

Here are a few blatant lies by politicians. They have been thoroughly vetted by ‘Pundit Fact.’

Terry Jeffrey claimed that there were more people on welfare than those actually working in 2013.

Stuart Varney said that each individual enrolled in the Affordable Care Act would cost our nation $50,000 over the next ten years.

Scott Walker paid tribute to his God Ronald Reagan for his firing of the air traffic controllers. He claims that that singular act gained Reagan respect from the Soviet Union, and led to its eventual break-up.

Rick Perry believes that the reduction in the unemployment rate has been manipulated, and that it is much higher than reported.

John Kasich quoted President Abraham Lincoln when he said that ‘you can’t build a little guy up by tearing a big guy down. The problem here is that Lincoln never said it. The quoted was from a minister who said it long after Lincoln was assassinated. Lincoln actually believed in taxing the wealthy at a higher rate.

John Cornyn claims that the Texas portion of the Keystone pipeline has already been constructed and is ready for use; it has created 4,800 new jobs.

Carly Fiorina says that although the President and Democrats believe in equal pay for women, Mr. Obama’s White House staff does not receive that benefit.

Politicians must lie. Would you vote for a presidential candidate who was truthful about taxes? If he or she said that we must raise taxes to support the American way of life, would he or she receive your vote? Would a candidate who accurately predicted that same-sex marriage is an inevitability receive your support? If an individual who seeks your vote and espouses the fact that it is impossible to deport 12 million people, and therefore some form of legal residence is mandatory, would he or she be your first choice when you cast your ballot?

They tell you what you think you want to hear.

The electorate is responsible for the lies of politicians. Voters are too lazy to research each candidate; they vote for the liar.

In order to win an election, the candidates must lie; the American public ‘can’t handle the truth.’

Commentary by James Turnage


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