Please say it isn’t So Mitt

Please say it isn’t So Mitt


The failed two-time presidential candidate Mitt Romney has made the decision to seriously consider another run for the White House in 2016. Really? If I were Seth Meyers or Amy Poehler, I would wish that I were still on Saturday Night Live and performing on ‘Weekend Update.’ Success is addictive, but some find failure an aphrodisiac. Please say it isn’t so Mitt.

Today Mitt Romney told donors in New York that he might run for the presidency again in 2016. Admittedly recent polls show that he is the favorite son of the majority of hardcore Republican voters. Does he actually believe that the American people would support a Romney Presidency?

For Republicans, a declared candidacy by the former Massachusetts Governor would simply add another complication to the GOP campaign to recapture the White House. Although he is far less embarrassing than other Republican hopefuls, he is, put very simply, a loser. He lacks the ability to influence the electorate to align themselves with a multi-millionaire who has a history of seeking profit over substance.

Romney is using the poll to state that his consideration of a third White House run is boosting his aspirations. His wife, Ann Romney, claims that he will never seek a third Republican Party nomination.

At the present time a Republican bid for 2016 is dubious at best. Undeclared but obvious potential candidates lack the experience and credibility to lead our nation.

Romney may be the first consideration for right wing voters, but Jeb Bush is constantly making decisions which are necessary to obtain his party’s nomination. He has removed himself from all private concerns, is preparing to reveal his tax returns from the last ten years, and has agreed to accept the assistance of Super Pac groups favorable to his election campaign.

The strange reality of a Romney campaign is that he is more aligned with his Democratic adversaries than any other potential candidate.

Chris Christie was rated third by Republican voters. Although he is entertaining on the late night television shows, he lacks the composure and non-inflammatory persona to make him a viable candidate.

TEA Party favorites Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio are too extreme for most Republicans and virtually all Independent voters. Mike Huckabee and former Texas Governor Rick Perry fail to represent the majority of Americans.

If Romney decides to enter the fracas, his chances of once again being his party’s standard bearer are greater than most politicos believe. It’s not a fact that he is the best candidate; he may be the only candidate right wing voters could support in a united front.

Jeb Bush has a problem; his last name is Bush. Although his father is not remembered as negatively as his older brother, he may receive the same criticism as his mother; ‘there have been enough Bush’s in the White House.’

The TEA Party darlings are far too extreme for Independents and many mainstream Republicans. The future of the GOP will only be guaranteed by the elimination of the radical TEA Party.

If I were a betting man, and I worked in the Northern Nevada casinos for 20 years, I would place a large amount of money supporting the decision of Romney to run in 2016.

By James Turnage


The Daily Beast



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