Pizza Hut Launches Gluten-Free Crusts

Pizza Hut Launches Gluten-Free Crusts


Pizza Hut is going to start offering gluten-free crusts to encourage more people to eat at its restaurants. The decision comes after a recent study showing that following a gluten-free diet may not be as beneficial as many believe. However, it is still good for those who suffer from gluten intolerance, celiac disease and other issues.

At the moment, only two pizzas will be available from the restaurant. Customers will be able to get a pepperoni or a plain cheese pizza, both with 10-inch bases. The new Pizza Hut options will be available from Boulder Brands, which is well-known for its gluten-free foods. There will be options for customers to create their own pizzas based on the original 10-inch options.

Gluten is a protein composite, usually found in grains and wheat. It can cause discomfort for some people as the body struggles to digest it, and is believed to lead to weight gain. Two million people suffer from celiac disease in the United States alone, which is when the body is unable to tolerate the protein composite. Due to this, many people are now following gluten-free diets, and are limited when it comes to eating out. When items are prepared in a kitchen while eating out, it is possible that traces of gluten will get into the gluten-free varieties.

Pizza Hut is certainly not the first company to launch gluten-free crusts. Competitor Domino’s has offered the option for a number of years, and found that it has been a popular option. However, the company does make it clear that traces of gluten are possible due to the kitchens also preparing flour-based pizza bases.

Pizza Hut wants to go one step further. It wants to offer guaranteed gluten-free options, and will do that by working with the Gluten Intolerance Group and Udi. Doing this will help to develop the right protocols to reduce the chance of cross-contamination. To start with, the dough, sauce and cheese will all be kept away from another other pizzas. Parchment paper will also be used for the baking of the gluten-free options to avoid them contacting the surface of those pans used to prepare other pizzas. A designated pizza cutter has also been included.

It is not just pizza that causes problems for people in restaurants. Beer also includes gluten, but there are a number of gluten-free options. MillerCoors will start offering Coors Peak Copper Lager to allow those who would like a drink an option. However, only two areas will offer this beer for now; Portland and Seattle.

When asked about the decision, Pizza Hut stated that it had “partnered with the most-respected names” within the community for gluten-free options. The flavors will not be affected by the decision to offer the new bases, which is sometimes the case for people. Select restaurants will start offering the pizza for both eating in and takeout, and all pizzas will be sliced into six.

Prices for the 10-inch pizzas will be $9.99 for the basic toppings. Those who want to add more toppings with the “create their own” options, will need to pay more. It is a positive move for those who want to limit gluten in their diet, as Pizza Hut launches its gluten-free crusts.

By Alexandria Ingham


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