Obama’s most Important Critic

Obama’s most Important Critic


All Republicans criticize President Obama; he has never done anything right. Some have sound reasons, and some are frivolous or negative for no reason other than the fact that he is a Democratic President. Mr. Obama has one very important critic, and she’s one-hundred percent correct on the important issues. Senator Elizabeth Warren will not back down from complaints about the President and his policies.

Warren has proven to be a champion of the working class. She is outspoken against any effort in Washington to pass legislation favoring the wealthy which also diminishes the lifestyle of the average American family. She is the only delegate of the 535 members of the House and Senate to continue demands that the true criminals who caused our severe recession in 2008 are indicted; the executives or our nation’s largest banks.

There is a misconception among progressives; the outsourcing of jobs from our country’s shores is not the sole responsibility of the Republican Party. Although NAFTA was negotiated by the first President Bush, it was Bill Clinton who signed it in 1993, and became effective on January 1st, 1994. The second President Bush increased the number of trade agreements which allowed many of our best jobs to be outsourced to other nations ensuring elevated profits by major corporations. President Obama is continuing to ignore America’s workers and is planning to sign the ‘Trans-Pacific Partnership’ with eleven countries in Asia. More jobs will be leaving our shores.

Warren vehemently opposes the President’s action. She is fighting for trade policies and tax codes which would allow products to wear the label ‘made in America.’ Ms. Warren has warned the working class that although several economic indicators suggest a more stable and productive economy, the middle class in not included in America’s financial success.

Warren is a critic of the entire Democratic Party which has decided to join Republicans in de-regulation of several American business institutions. Once again our government is moving in a direction to allow Wall Street to take any action they deem profitable, resulting in ridiculous profits and separating the working class and poverty by a wider range.

Although the deregulation of the banking industry occurred during the George W. Bush Administration, she considers the Obama Administration complicit with the previous resident of the White House. Mr. Obama’s lack of action regarding effective banking institutions and their need for serious reform is a signal to the American people that his administration is all too similar to that of his predecessor.

Warren has been encouraged to run for the Democratic presidential nomination. She continues to claim that she will not run. Progressives who reject Wall Street continue to plead with her. Obama has lacked the courage to battle for issues important to the working class. Hillary Clinton will likely be an Obama clone.

Politics in America and most of the democratic nations of the world has always been a contentious subject at family gatherings, barbecues, etc. There has never been such a disdain for our representatives in Washington as there exists today. Our elected officials are supposed to represent the American people and work towards the betterment of lives in our nation. None of that is a reality today.

Elizabeth Warren’s criticism of President Obama and Congress in general is not only valid, it is a sad reality of American politics. Few of our 535 members of Congress have the courage to be truthful and indicate that they support the majority of Americans instead of the one-percent.

By James Turnage


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