Obama Is Hitler Because of Paris

Obama Is Hitler Because of Paris


Comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler is a pretty commonplace occurrence online these days, but comparing him to the infamous dictator because of what happened in Paris sounds like a stretch for even the biggest internet troll. Yet that is exactly what Texas Republican Randy Weber managed to do on Twitter on Monday and he seems to be sticking beside the statement. The Texas senator posted the tweet a mere two hours ago on his Twitter feed and it remains there at this moment. While many politicians making such an egregiously awful statement might be inclined to take down such a comment as soon as possible, he is sticking to his guns, at least for now.

The tweet reads: “Even Adolph [sic] Hitler thought it more important than Obama to get to Paris. (For all the wrong reasons.) Obama couldn’t do it for right reasons.” So apparently Obama is worse than Hitler for not marching in the “Je Suis Charlie” march, but at least he did not have bad reasons to go, but he is still worse than Hitler even though he is not intent on the subjugation of minorities and the extermination of an entire race of people. At least that is what it seems that Weber is saying. To be honest, the reasoning is a little hard to follow, probably because there is very little that is reasonable about it.

Comparing any American politician to one of the world’s worst villains is an unfair comparison to make no matter what their political affiliation. When he was president, George W. Bush received his fair share of Hitler comparisons and now it seems to Obama’s turn. Neither politician even rates on the same scale of evil and wrongness that Hitler does, but that does not stop people from doing it. To put this in context, people are comparing politicians they do not agree with to a man who is responsible for the deaths of millions of people in concentration camps. The horrors of his legacy cannot be fully told and people want to compare some guy they do not like to him simply because they do not like him.

Sadly, this trend is all too common. The Daily Dot took a little time to try and summarize how many times Obama has been compared to Hitler and, even without the Paris comment from Weber, it is an incomplete list. Political partisanship almost demands that this comparison to evil be made, if only to make themselves seem like the good guys. Using Hitler as a point of reference is an all too easy way to create a good and evil dichotomy in politics and it is always an unfair comparison to make.

The question now is will Randy Weber take down the tweet? Comparing Obama to Hitler because of the decision about who to send to Paris is stupid at best. Weber has the right to say what he wants, of course. That is what free speech means and if the events in Paris have taught the world anything it is that even offensive speech deserves to be protected. Even if it is stupid. Even if it is offensive. Or even if it is as ridiculous as comparing someone to Hitler.


Opinion By Lydia Bradbury


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  1. Republicans continue to prove exactly who we thought they were; outrageous boorish, ignorant, intolerant fools Should we have sent someone to Paris, of course. But to compare Hitler and any President of the United States over a venal slight is the height of witless disloyalty to the office and treachery toward your nation. Especially by a U S Congressman no matter how incredibly stupid they are