Naya Rivera Say Daily Showers Is a “White People Thing”

Naya Rivera Say Daily Showers Is a “White People Thing”


Naya Rivera said that showering daily is a “white people thing,” and confessed to not doing it herself. Her comments have been hit with mixed reactions on Twitter, with some complaining that she is setting the world back when it comes to different races. The actress even defended her comments during the interview, knowing that some people were likely to attack people.

During her appearance on The View, Rivera admitted to not showering every day. She defended her comments about it being a “white people thing” by saying that her mother and husband go through the daily rituals. However, the defense did come with some confusion, as she noted her mother is “half-black, half-Puerto Rican.”

Yet, the Glee star’s husband is white, and he appears to be very clean. He showers more often than just once a day, with Rivera saying that it is two or three times each day.

There were mixed reviews to her comments. For some, the admission of not showering daily was something disgusting. They believe that showering on a daily basis is a hygiene thing, and is not limited to certain ethnics.

Others used Twitter to share how disappointed they were in the actress, claiming that she is racist. A number of ethnic people took to the social media site to contradict her comments. The shock and disappointment did not just come from social media either. An African American woman in The View’s audience was shocked to hear the comments, and said that she showered on a daily basis.

However, Rivera defended her decision to say that showering daily is more of a “white people thing.” She even took to Twitter to tell people to get a sense of humor when they get out of the shower after being attacked by individuals. One thing she has not yet done is apologize for her opinion on the matter.

In another attempt to defend her actions,Rivera says that a recent study shows that people should only shower once every two or three days. She used that has a defense for her decision not to wash herself on a daily basis. The actual study was not shared to be able to back up any facts.

Recently, there was a study completed by some dermatologists that showed showering daily is a myth. Boston dermatologist Dr. Ranella Hirsch said that the country overbathes, and it is mainly due to the social expectations. Another reason is because hot running water is more readily available. Just decades ago, taking a bath on a weekly basis would have been considered enough, but that is no longer the case.

Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry professor, John Oxford, explained that the skin’s natural bug flora and oils are disturbed by showering on a daily basis. All people need to do is make sure their private areas and hands are washed regularly, and then there is no need to shower the rest of the body daily. Using a bidet on a daily basis would mean that washing twice a week would be enough.

While there is some element of truth to the Glee actress’ comments, she may have missed out on the important element. However, Rivera says that showering on a daily basis is more of a “white person thing.”

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