MySpace is Back in The Social Media Game

MySpace is Back in The Social Media Game


Myspace was one of the pioneers for internet communication and photo sharing between the masses, and many may have forgotten about this old school social media, but they are getting back in the game. It’s come back started with the popularity of throw back Thursdays, as users swarmed to their old pages to pull old photos. That is when the owner of the site, Specific Media, sat up and took notice.

Over a decade ago MySpace was sold for over 500 million dollars, and just three years ago the second owner sold it to Specific Media for less than 40 million. Over the past few years the company has revamped the site, and slowly drew in the music and entertainment crowd. They now boast over 50 million visitors a month, which does not hold a candle to the giant social media site Facebook, but the look and feel of the newly revamped site has nabbed the attention of the 18 to 30 somethings in age.

So as their old users go back in time for their coveted throw back Thursday photos, they are taking notice of the sites new looks and new features, and some of them are staying. So this throw back site is taking in new visitors and users and getting big numbers on Thursdays as the masses flock to the site in search of old photos.

With over 500% growth in the last three years this social media midget could well become a thing again. Videos are one of the big draws that the young people are flocking to on MySpace for. Music as well is a big draw, as when the site first started up, one of the unique fun things was setting your page to music. Now on the user’s home page or “deck” as it is called on the site, one can select their favorite radio station, or set up mixes just for the users individual taste. It is easy to navigate and to find your favorite music, videos and radio stations, so catering to the musically inclined is a niche previously not covered until now.

The home page is shown above and users can find all their favorite things right on the side bar. Returning users will find that any music they set their page to in the past, is still there under mixes. Throw back Thursday could one day also contain what one was listening to when they were MySpace users. All in all it is no wonder that years later MySpace users flock back to the site for their photos, and while re-learning how to navigate, many have found features that are lacking on Facebook, and are deciding to stay. The new site is almost a combination of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and it is like one stop shopping, that many fans are finding very attractive in a social media site.

The home page or “featured page,” as shown above is all about news, music and celebrities. This is catering to the popular news and videos many want right on their home feed. This could eliminate the multiple open window trend that many kids do nowadays, with this site giving the best of both worlds on one site.

by Kristi Cereska

Tech Times


  1. MySpace is back, but the new MySpace is nothing more than a big joke, and there is no need to spend much time on it to see it… At the “featured” section, they say : “The Best in Music & Culture. All In One Place. Join the Millions of Musicians and Artists on Myspace”… so musicians are not artists, I assume.
    And when the old MySpace gave everyone a chance to get noticed, as the latest members who got connected were featured on the main page, the new MySpace invite members to “discover” among others Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Arianna Grande and (of course) Justin Timberlake! The funny thing is those musicians don’t go anymore on MySpace, even Timberlake whose last post was in November! A desperate attempt to get them back on MySpace?
    Sometimes MySpace also puts unknown members on the main page, but it’s always the same ones, and there you have another surpriset: if a member uploads pics from the web, he/she is not only a “member” but becomes a “photographer”! Ain’t life grand?