Miss Universe Hopeful Lost 40 Pounds Before Contest

Miss Universe Hopeful Lost 40 Pounds Before Contest


Gabriela Ordoñez,the hopeful from Honduras in this year’s Miss Universe Pageant, has lost a total of 40 pounds and transformed herself prior to Sunday’s contest. Ordoñez gave as a reason for wanting to shed the weight the fact that she had not been feeling well, though certainly the approaching prospect of the Miss Universe Pageant and wanting to look good for that added extra motivation to stick with her new program. Diet restrictions aside, though, she did mention an entire cheesecake as being part of the celebration plan if she were to be crowned Miss Universe.

Miss Honduras indicated that the impetus for starting this weight loss plan was because of growing health concerns that arose from some recurring symptoms she was having. She said that her stomach was constantly bothering her, and that she was tired all of the time. In her mind, her larger body was preventing her from actually living in the manner she would choose, so she opted to find a solution. She did not want to engage in a trendy diet to drop a few pounds, though, so she did research and decided on making bold sweeping changes which could potentially have a more lasting impact on her life and health.

Ordoñez altered her patterns for eating, removing most of the carbohydrates from her diet and eating more protein. She began to actually eat more often, but in smaller snacks. Among her favorites now is dried fruit, and she says that she consumes a lot of it. In addition, she is drinking a lot more water. She says that she has it all day long. There is an exercise program which she began as well, doing weight training and cardio for around two hours every day. She said that as she began to feel better and see her progress, it made it easier to find the motivation and never miss the gym.

Ordoñez reports that she felt it was not enough to work solely on her body, but that part of seeing her success meant having to adjust her thinking and outlooks as well. In her mind, the point of making these changes was not just to become thin. She wanted to be healthy most of all, and happier. She was quoted as saying that there was no point to being thin if she couldn’t have charisma when she interacted with people. To her, the way to have charisma was to be happy enough with herself that when she smiled at people, it was an honest and real smile.

The Miss Universe hopeful joked about eating an entire cheesecake when she won, but said that having the attitude that it was okay to take a break like that was part of achieving her happiness. That said, she will probably not be indulging in whole cakes of any kind before Sunday and the Miss Universe Pageant, 40 pounds or not. She did say that the schedule and stress of Miss Universe had contributed to her weight loss, though not part of the plan. She said that all of the running around and pressure had caused her to actually lose more weight than she originally intended.

Miss Honduras insists that these changes that she made are here to stay, whether she wis Miss Universe or not. She said that her new lifestyle has made her much happier, and given her a body that she is proud of as well. Sunday at the Miss Universe Pageant, the world will get a chance to see just what kind of charisma her new happiness has brought for her.

By Jim Malone

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