Miley Cyrus Photo Raises Concerns Over Drug Abuse

Miley Cyrus Photo Raises Concerns Over Drug Abuse


A recent photo of Miley Cyrus has raised concerns over her drug abuse. She was spotted surrounded with drug paraphernalia, leading some fans to be angry and worried about the singer. In the photo, she is wearing a onesie, and appears to have cannabis around her.

The cannabis is not the major worry for fans. Many know that she smokes the drug, after seeing her light up on a stage in Amsterdam. The worrying part of the photo was the white powder also on the table and a rolled up dollar bill. It has led to questions over whether Cyrus has moved onto something harder.

According to a source, The Sun reports that it was during a Los Angeles recording session on November 26. The source explained that it was a “sleazy situation.” During the same week that this photo was allegedly taken, the singer had been working on some new music within her home and at the studio. The timing seems right, but there is nobody official to confirm the photo. Her representatives have not yet responded to questions by various publications. One of the photos she shared on her own Instagram was a suspicious roll-up, but it is possible that it was cannabis and nothing harder.

The 22-year-old has spent a number of years getting away from the “good girl” image she developed during her Disney show Hannah Montana. It started with risqué music and clothes, and has now moved onto partying and some mild drug use. However, this is the first time a photo of Cyrus has raised real concern over drug abuse for fans.

Cyrus rose to fame through Hannah Montana, where she played a singer who changed her appearance so she could be regular “Miley” in school. One of the ways to get away from that innocent image was through a performance with Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards in August 2013. She was seen twerking on the stage, while wearing very little in the way of clothing.

There has been controversy over drug use in the past, but nothing on this scale where fans have been worried. She has boasted her use of recreational drugs, but was spotted giving Justin Bieber advice to stay on the right side of the law last year.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, she seemed to admit that she used marijuana and ecstasy. Despite Hollywood being a “coke town,” the former two are “happy drugs” and more sociable. The use of drugs and her onstage antics have led to some parents deciding that their children are not allowed to go to her concerts.

The source went on to tell The Sun that people were trying to get her into rehab. That is not something she is interested in at this time. Her godmother Dolly Parton and father Billy Ray Cyrus appear to be increasingly worried about the We Can’t Stop singer. They seem to be pushing towards her going to rehab, according to recent reports. However, she just wants to have fun, even if recent photos raise concerns over Cyrus’ drug abuse.

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