Miley Cyrus Contemplates a ‘Reverse Montana’

Miley Cyrus Contemplates a ‘Reverse Montana’


Miley Cyrus talked in the past about wanting Hannah Montana, a character she made famous on the Disney Channel. dead. She tried to do more and more outlandish things on her road to becoming the star that she is today, in part to try to distance herself from the squeaky-clean image that she once portrayed when she played Hannah Montana and acted alongside her dad, country singer, Billy Ray Cyrus. Now, Miley Cyrus has proven that she is still capable of making surprising and somewhat shocking comments by saying that she would contemplate playing Hannah Montana again, if the conditions were right.

Miley Cyrus, who has also recently made the admission that she has a difficult time spelling her boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger’s last name, mentioned the possibility she might one day portray the character of Hannah Montana again during an interview with E! News, when the topic of wigs and her love of them came up. Miley Cyrus was not just asked about wigs, but specifically, her love of them.

When she was asked if she still put on the blond wig she wore during her Hannah Montana days, Miley Cyrus said that does not have the wig. Miley, who is now a spokeswoman and model for MAC’s Viva Glam campaign and was promoting her new Viva Glam campaign for MAC Cosmetics’ MAC AIDS Fund, said “I didn’t get to keep one. Can you believe that?”

When Miley Cyrus was point-blank asked if she would ever consider playing Hannah Montana in a reunion show, she thought about it, and stated that she would only play the Disney character if she “has an alter ego, and it’s actually me — reverse it all around.” In other words, she said that she might consider to play Hannah again, if Disney would let her do a “Reverse Hannah Montana.” Maybe as a sugar-sweet pop star by day, or while performing some of her concerts, and a more adult and sexier one by night, or while performing other concerts.

Who knows? Maybe she could go into a phone booth or photo booth and transform for Hannah Montana into her alter ego, Miley Cyrus. There might even be a role in it for her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, who might have no inkling that Hannah is really Miley whenever she travels to Vegas or New York City, for example.

Besides being in the news for the possibility that she might, one day, consider being in a Hannah Montana reunion show, Miley Cyrus has also been making Entertainment headlines lately by her admission that she is somewhat unclear about how to spell her boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger’s, last name. While Patrick’s last name is not the easiest one in the world to spell, one would think both that she would have practiced spelling it often enough that she would not flub it up. Also, why would she bring up the subject that she had trouble spelling Schwarzenegger, in the first place?

Miley Cyrus is not a person who is easily embarrassed by minor things like not being a spelling bee champ. She is a person who is not shy about simulating masturbation in public during concerts. Not being the world’s best speller is relatively minor in comparison.

The celeb couple appear to be getting along fantastically together, and Patrick, 21, has continued to want to date Miley even though he was reportedly threatened by his parents that if he did not stop dating er, he would lose out on getting a trust fund of over $40 million when he turns 25. What with his modeling career and his acting roles, though, Patrick was not swayed by the rumored threat, and said even the chance he would not be given his trust fund would not prevent him from dating Miley Cyrus.

Miley admitted on Friday, January 23 during a Good Morning America interview that she had had a conversation not very long ago with Patrick about his last name. She said that “Apparently there’s not a ‘T’ in it.”

In a different interview, one with ET Online, Miley Cyrus evoked her Inner Popeye, by saying “I’m who I am.” While stating that she is more centered than many people think that she really is, she added that “I am exactly what you see on TV.” Miley is not afraid to own who she is, the bad along with the good.

It is doubtful that a Hannah Montana reunion show is anywhere near to being just around the corner, but Miley Cyrus has recently raised the intriguing possibility that such a reunion might eventually happen — but, it would have to be on her terms. Is the world ready for a Hannah Montana reunion, though? Can Miley pull off a successful “Reverse Montana”? It might not matter, because the world did not, at one time, seem all that ready to accept it when Hannah Montana transformed herself into Miley Cyrus, either. Some people are still reeling from that particular change.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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