Mike Huckabee Is the Past; Let’s Move On

Mike Huckabee Is the Past; Let’s Move On


No one from either party has ever given much credence to anything Mike Huckabee says, but now there is proof that his time is past and he must move on to preach behind a pulpit and spare the American people his opinions.

Huckabee has written another book, scheduled to be released on January 20. The title is “Gods, Guns, Grits and Gravy.” Excerpts prove that this book is a waste of time, consisting primarily of an old man’s rambling complaints.

He spends a questionable amount of time criticizing singer Beyoncé. But he didn’t stop with her, he accused Mr. and Mrs. Obama of ‘bad parenting’ for letting them watch and listen to her performances. The likely 2016 presidential candidate indicated that Beyoncé has a ‘key to the door of the White House,’ obviously referring to the casual relationship between the Obamas and husband and wife Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

This wasn’t the end of his rants about the music super couple. Later in the book he was critical of their performance at the 2013 MTV Music Video Awards. He praised Beyoncé for her talents as a singer and dancer, but said that she should keep many of her moves private; they were not acceptable for all audiences. He also said that although Jay-Z is an accomplished businessman, he shouldn’t act like a pimp exploiting his wife on stage.

So what does Mike Huckabee consider acceptable entertainment? The Duggars. Apparently it’s a family show which has 19 children. (Now that’s obscene.)

Huckabee is well-known for his comments about women and how they should act. Adding up his many comments point to a single fact; he believes women should behave like they did in the 1950’s. June Cleaver was the perfect mother; she was subservient to her husband; was always perfectly dressed and coifed; and was a stay-at-home mom, cooking, cleaning, and caring for the needs of her husband and children.

Huckabee recently resigned from his job on the FOX network, indicating that he will definitely throw his hat into the ring for 2016. He last ran for his party’s nomination in 2008 and finished far behind John McCain.

How well would Mike Huckabee fare against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election? Better than one might believe.

A poll about likely Republican candidates in 2016, and how they would perform running against Ms. Clinton was very interesting. RealClearPolitics performed the research. Huckabee would lose to Clinton by 9.6 percentage points. That may sound like a large number, but not compared to other possible challengers. The poll was completed prior to the likely candidacy of Mitt Romney; but Clinton would defeat Chris Christie by 9.5 points; Rand Paul by 9; Jeb Bush by 10; Marco Rubio by 11.5; and Ted Cruz by 13.8 percentage points.

Mike Huckabee would be the champion of the Religious Right. This likely helps his numbers in the study.

It is doubtful that he could win his party’s nomination in 2016. Now that Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush have decided to challenge for the GOP nomination, he would likely be a distant fourth behind Chris Christie, or even fifth behind Rand Paul.

The 2016 general election may lack excitement. It appears that the ‘old guard’ of both parties will dominate the election; Hillary Clinton for the Democrats and Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush for Republicans. However, maybe voters will be lucky and one or two new candidates with exciting ideas will emerge. There is hope; it happened in 2008.

By James Turnage



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