Megyn Kelly Failing to Be More Than a Token on FOX News

Megyn Kelly Failing to Be More Than a Token on FOX News


Megyn Kelly from FOX News has been having a really great year. She has won the accolades of her conservative peers, including network owner Roger Ailes, and has apparently won over some from the liberal contingent as well. She has been a voice of reason a few times since the first of the year. Her ratings for her Wednesday night show The Kelly File are through the roof. The New York Times labelled her a “breakthrough artist.” But despite all the good reviews for the woman who has been called the “savior of FOX News,” Megyn Kelly is really failing to be more than a token woman on FOX News.

Kelly is way more than a “blonde bombshell.” She is an educated woman who has had a great career both on and off the screen. She has a political science degree, a law degree and got herself hired by a network by sheer dint of determination and will. Her story is one that is admirable no matter what her politics and her success on FOX News is well deserved. She is a no nonsense host who is unafraid to go up against her own network on ideology.

That is one reason why liberal commentators are willing to give Kelly props. Moments like that with Dinesh D’Souza when he said President Obama was not really black because he did not have the “black experience.” Apparently because Obama is not related to slaves, he is not really black. The exchange between Kelly and D’Souza made its way to Jezebel, which made fun of the fact that Kelly actually sounded reasonable. “I am sharing thoughts with Megyn Kelly,” the writer notes in mock horror and honest surprise.

It is surprising because Kelly is one face on a network that has routinely accused Obama of not being “black enough.” That fact that she dared inject a little reason into what should have been a non-controversial claim for a FOX News pundit has surprised many. And it seems that she herself is really the force behind such an unusual move. The New York Times profile on her recounted the process she went through for hosting a guest who had directly contradicted the received FOX News opinion on Navy Seal Robert O’Neill. According to many, she is the real deal.

But is Megyn Kelly any more than just a token female host for the notoriously testosterone driven FOX News? Former ABC News anchor Brit Hume said of her that, “Attractive-looking blonde anchorwomen who speak with a fierce authority are rare,” a tribute to Kelly. Ailes himself has said of her, “She’s obviously a beautiful girl, beautiful woman and very intelligent, law degree, a lot of credentials there.” These two men know her value, though not in quite the way she might want.

Despite the apparent praise, it is hard to say that this is anything more than pandering. Ailes’ “beautiful girl” is insulting, as is the fact that he listed her looks before her considerable intelligence. Hume has done much the same thing in his quote by again noting her looks before her “authority,” something she has in spades. The fact is, both of these men have obviously made the judgment about her looks before the judgment about her intelligence and knowledge, something they would not do with a man. Both of them seem to have the idea that her looks were enough to hire her, not her brain.

The fact is that authoritative and intelligent women with a lot of credentials are not as rare as Hume or Ailes seem to think. They are, however, rare on FOX News.

Kelly does a good job in her role as anchor on FOX News, but that does not mean she is as revolutionary as the liberal media would like to think. She has surprised them by giving them small moments when they agree with her, but she is nothing more than a token to them. If she was valued for more than her face and her ability to bring in the ratings, then there would be more people like her on the network. Instead, FOX saw someone who could represent a subset of their audience and hired her to pander to women. To be clear, the failing to rise above tokenism is not Kelly’s fault. She is as smart and direct as the media says she is. The failing instead resides in her employer. She fills the role of token woman for FOX News because that is the role she was hired to fill.

Megyn Kelly deserves to be more than a failing token woman in the FOX News conservative spin machine. he has proven time and again that she is smarter than the men who surround her. She is, simply, smarter than the FOX News message. She has her faults, of course. The infamous “Santa is just white” moment was awful and hard to believe came from someone as educated as she is. But on the whole, she is a standout performance in a field that looks sadly like Kook Review. In the long run, all the praise for Megyn Kelly does her the disservice of failing to recognize the tokenism FOX News uses her for and the fact that she is so much better than that.

Opinion by Lydia Bradbury


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  1. Jealous is a terrible thing. Having had the pleasure of meeting Miss Kelly (or Mrs Brunt if you will) she is pretty much exactly in real life as she is on television except she is more reserved off screen.

  2. Lydia, your article is pure horse manure. Sounds more to me like you are either jealous of her success, or more likely that you are yet another OBOT or Liberal hack trying in any way you can to fracture the success that is both Kelly and Fox News. Fox Rocks because is has the pulse of the people. Its just that damned simple. Mainstream media suffers the illusion that it can continue to “control public opinion”. Well I have news for you. In 2015 that all changed. We understand the problems. We understand who is trying to destroy America and we will tune in to the channel that covers the mess. Don’t believe me? Check the free falling ratings at CNN, MSNBC and others! Kelly and Fox and as solid as can be.

  3. Megan Kelly’s credentials are to impress simpletons. She is a vapid racist that lacks a PHD in Common Sense. Stating an opinion or idealogy such as Jesus is White is such an example. Historians and documentation by scholars prove Jesus Christ was of dark skin and short wooly hair. Revelations also describes the characteristics of Jesus. Unfortunately, as many racist idealogy spouted to the masses without research the validity of a broadcaster. Fox News you are a travesty. Megan Kelly is as much a fraud as many hidden racist stating comments without facts.

    • Your reply is proof of Megyn’s effectiveness at resonating the message! The fact that you can’t even spell her name speaks volumes. You OBOTS are working overtime to rescue this idiotic Anti-American agenda. Too bad! Your fetish with “credentials” is another tell tale of your substantive libtardness. Under YOUR rules, Einstein would have been able to teach. Why? No credentials! What counts today, kid, is EFFECTIVENESS. Credentials, other than in medicine or similar sciences, today mean nothing. Its all about what you can do. If you think Megyn Kelly is a racist, then that makes you probably a seditionist. Megyn Kelly has a direct following that approaches 2 million daily. I predict that number will double this year. How long did you think America would put up with your liberal bullshit? The gloves are off now and you liberals are going to take the beating of your lives. Live with it.

      • It won’t work TAC. In fact, your days are done. The war is on. The wacked out left has waged war on America and NOW you want to whine because we fight back? No sense in either of us trying to convince the other. He who moves the most people will win. I am looking forward to the battle. As I retire next month, I’ll put my 37 year computer career to work helping my side! Let’s see where you are at the end of 2016. I’ll database your name and contact details for followup. Have a great day!

      • Lol… I know its hard to hold back on these folks there Unit32. But Wanda truly is operating with diminished capacity. She or He is just an OBOT paid to attack and vilify. They’ve been at it since David Axelrod trained them back in 2008. They realized the POTUS with no valid credentials would need a humungous amount of razzle dazzle to keep people off track. Useful idiots like Wanda don’t even know who they are talking about. She/He can’t even get Megyn’s name right. I no longer sweat it with these idiots. Watching an OBOT at work is like watching a man oil his own guillotine. There is no “win” for them. If they “win” (their terms) then America becomes a Muslim state where gays and lesbians are beheaded, where females between 12 and 46 are force to have genital mutilation, where women generally lose rights, where the film industry is finished, where there will be no more music… no Kanye West, No new bands… , No more scientific advancement. And rapes will go up by thousands of percent. Their political dogma has so clouded their minds, I must now call into question the sanity of any Liberal who supports this regime. For the rest of the world, the red line in the sand was the Paris attack. The hunters are now the hunted.

    • Wanda, sounds to me like sour grapes and YOU are the vapid racist. When u have the credentials, common sense and non-hateful personality she does, maybe, just maybe, u can judge her.

      • Ah Robby… another OBOT (or potentially just a 14 year old). Couldn’t resist huh? Well lets see. Vapid means “to offer nothing that is stimulating or challenging.” Hm… My discourse stimulated you to reply. It challenges your assumptions and belief system. In engages your mind (what’s left of it). Sorry Bot. You lose on that one. Round two. Racist? Lol.. .you Libtards do love that one don’t you. And Racist? That is defined as “a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.” Gee, I never said that Muslims were superior to the rest of the races on this continent. I merely pointed out that, according to their advertising, they will dominate the world. They openly claim that they will rule America. Their words, not mine. I never said anyone was superior to the other. My fundamental belief is that we are all equal on this planet, and it is for this reason that I will exercise that right to equality by ensuring that I congregate with others who feel the same way. I encourage immigration, but I’m not going to allow an enemy to use our immigration system to overthrow my way of life. Read lips pal. It’s not going to happen on my watch. Anyone from any nation that wants to endorse the American dream is welcome at my table.

  4. Pulse of “the people”? I assume you mean only “the people who watch FOX News”. I’m pretty sure that those who don’t watch FOX would not say that FOX has their pulse. Based on recent market share data of the State of the Union speech, only 22% of the TV viewers chose to watch the speech on either FOX network or FOX cable. 22% does not equate to “the pulse of the people”. I will grant you, FOX is the most popular cable station for news and commentary, but the vast majority are getting their news from broadcast, and they are not choosing FOX.

    • I get you points. Valid of course. But why argue? Why are we even having this discussion … other than some OBOT got freaked out by Megyn’s success and wanted to launch a platform to vilify her. This is the liberal way. They just don’t like facts that they didn’t create. They are among the most intolerant people that I know. And I don’t much like Republicans either. So don’t go pulling that weapon on my. I trust NO politician. Power corrupts every single time. Doesn’t matter who the politician is. There may be no answers! If you look at history, every single civilization has failed. It may be the nature of man to destroy his self? I only know that I like Kelly a lot. I love the show. If I’m correct, her 1.27 million followers today will be 2.5 million by this time next year. It’s not everyone for sure. But its 2.5 million people who are taking it any more. Its 2.5 million very pissed off patriots. If American hadn’t fallen for the Obama experiment, Kelly would not exist as we know her today.

    • I think that’s an extremely ineffective data point supporting your argument, but if that’s the ground you want to battle on, OK. But much of the audience that would be most likely to tune into FOX simply cannot bear the prospect of hearing another lie or deception from the Current Occupant.

      We’ve had enough, and if we had anyone other than this creature sitting in the Oval Office, the FOX numbers very likely would have been quite a bit higher. Not that TV ratings for this sort of thing mean anything, one way or the other…

      But the fact is, everyone is suffering from Lying Barack Obama Syndrome (LBOS), as this his recent gabathon was the lowest-rated SOTU speech in more than 15 years. The only speech lower since 2000 was Bill Clinton’s final SOTU address.

      Probably not a complete coincidence that President Bubba was also an Olympic-class liar.

    • You nail it Cruz. Keep them on track with facts. But beware, they are not the least bit interested in facts. They have an agenda and this article is just one pawn in the agenda.

  5. I’m w/u Martin, but forgive me, what’s an OBOT? Here in the state of “tax and screw us,” (MA), we call the leftys ” moonbats.” Our outgoing govenor thot it was perfectly ok to spend $9M to fix up his office. Now that’s arrogance!!!!!

    • Bang on Robby. I first ran into OBOTs back on April 27th – or very soon there after. I’m 37 years in computer application design and programming. So I was among the first to hit the alarm when Obama tried to pass of the fake birth certificate. He, through David Axelrod, executed a perfectly play social media exercise to squelch and to vilify anyone who talked about the BC. There was one OBOT who spent 32 days trying to argue every single point I had. She could not let go. Something like 95 points of error and yet she would not give ground on a single one. Even law of averages says she would lose a few. But not this one. OBOT is “Obama Bot” Trained and probably paid computer and social media hacks that prowl the net squelching the truth and vilifying anyone who challenges them. Their manual calls for them to toss words at you like Racist, any kind of “phobe” they can think of and many other things. Politically correct programming over the years has trained the population of largely SHEEP to be afraid to take a stand or to stand up. The now passive populace will take almost anything. They messed up with Paris though. 2015 was the Patriot’s RED LINE IN THE SAND. They crossed it and now they are going to pay. In Europe groups like PEGIDA have sprung up. These are people also find their culture threatened and they are going to stop it by any means necessary. The wacked out left are working overtime to vilify this organization. I only learned about them two days ago, but they are growing exceedingly fast. Google reports 202,000 searches a month for the group.

  6. OMG!!! Does this woman even watch Fox News? Megyn Kelly is a token what? On a testosterone driven network, are you kidding me? There are at least 15 to 20 women that come to mind without even thinking about it. These are women that I respect and count on to give me far and balanced information. If I spent a few hours and did the research I could easily come up with more than 35 or 40 women that I have seen on the Fox News channel over the last few years. In particular, I find Megyn Kelly’s show to be the most informative and entertaining shows in the history of the Fox News Channel. It is refreshing to see her keep the guests on topic and made to answer the hard questions Megan asks. And, what is this obsession with how attractive a woman is or isn’t? LYDIA BRADBURY… you should be ashamed of yourself!!!