McCain Only a Grumpy old Man

McCain Only a Grumpy old Man


John McCain is simply in the way. After he lost the election in 2008, he began to act as if he lost something else. Now he is an old war monger whose time is up. McCain has become no more than a grumpy old man.

McCain refuses to recognize the fact that America has moved forward. Our people no longer support wars waged for invalid reasons, and we denounce the wars of the past which cost us thousands of families and friends.

There was a Senate Armed Services hearing today. Protestors were calling for Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State, to be arrested for war crimes. McCain lashed out at the protestors, and called them ‘low-life scum.’ This man wanted to be your president, but he wouldn’t have defended your first amendment rights.

One thing we know about our men and women in Washington, they do not like criticism.

If one choses to run for a political office, he or she will undoubtedly face their share of criticism. And they should. Not one of our Congressmen has ever acted in a perfect manner. But they have an obligation to listen to the views of all others; the people have a right to be heard.

Kissinger, now 91, worked under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. In 1973 he received the Nobel Peace Prize. It was considered the most controversial award ever given to a recipient. He was accused of war crimes by the World Court for being part of the secret bombing of Cambodia.

Those who have the honor of serving in our government lose sight of the fact that they were very lucky men and women. Sadly, a lengthy time in office allows far too many of them to become powerful, and then ignore the will of the people. They believe they are simply smarter than the rest of us.

The hearing was to discuss national security strategy. Joining Kissinger were former Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and George Shultz.

Kissinger has long been the object of the anti-war movement. His covert actions in relation to Cambodia, Vietnam, Chile, East Timor, and Laos raised multiple questions about him and the atrocities apparently ordered by him.

After the protestors were removed, McCain apologized profusely to Kissinger, stating that he had never experienced such a vile protest in all of his years in the Senate.

Maybe that’s the real problem. Because term limits do not exist, many such as McCain have been allowed to occupy their seats far beyond the time when they offered positive contributions to our nation.

The small group of protestors held banners demanding Kissinger’s arrest. One of them carried a set of handcuffs.

Should this have been a surprise to the Senate? How out of touch are those in Washington with the American people? How can they not know that the American people have no faith in their government; and that we are tired of losing the lives of our loved ones, and eventually the wars themselves?

Trust is something which is earned. With a 15 percent favorability rating Congress must be aware that they do not have the trust of our nation’s people. It will take hard work and time to regain it.

By James Turnage




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