Life Hacks Can Make Things Easier

Life Hacks Can Make Things Easier


Life Hacks are the simple things that most people overlook in their everyday life, and many of these can save time or money, thus making life easier. Looking at some of the most popular hacks one can find everything from things for the home, to making cooking and serving easier.

Life HacksUp first is a hack that will turn an average hostess into the hostess with the mostness – the most ingenious way to serve up condiments that is. Back yard barbecues are a staple of summertime, and it can get laborious packing all the condiments that might be needed. Plus, if one used a separate small dish for each condiment, that will increase the clean up tremendously. Using a muffin tin for mustard, ketchup, onions or whatever the family favorites are,will keep things neat, and easy to clean up afterwards.

Staying with the food life hacks, let’s make pancakes without the mess. Simply make the batter ahead of time, and then using a funnel, put it into a clean empty ketchup bottle, re-cap and refrigerate. Now making pancakes is as easy as squeezing the batter out of the bottle into the pan to make a delicious breakfast super easy.

Life HacksNext up are life hacks that will get things organized if a heavy key chain is something that a person has to deal with. Rifling threw a handful of keys is not fun, and sometimes some of those keys only get used once in a while. How to identify keys visually by color coding is the easiest way to organize your keys. Just use a coat of nail polish, and while it will not last a lifetime, it will last for quite sometime before it needs repainting.

life hacksHeading into the world of technology also produces a number of life hacks, such as, setting the all important cell phone on airplane mode when charging, and it will charge over 50% faster. Maybe blurry or out of focus pictures are an issue, and by placing a piece of scotch tape over the lens can correct most camera phone issues. With technology also comes wires, and lots of them. Many people have not or can not change over to an entirely wireless life, so organize those cables with binder clips. (see photo right)

life hacksNow that the cords are in an easily accessible position, lets take a look at the wires behind the TV. Today’s televisions have power cords, cable cords, surround sound wires, game consoles and their wires. A Simple way to remember what is what when moving, or simply rearranging the furniture, is to use those handy bread clips. (see left) Just write on the clip what the wires are for and attach for making all those wires easily identifiable.

Now lets end with a couple of random life hacks, like getting to the bottom of the Nutella or peanut butter jar. Instead of throwing it away with all that goodness still stuck to the walls of the jar, try adding your favorite ice cream, mix it up, and have a delightful snack.

life hacksLastly lets look at the versatility of toilet paper rolls, instead of throwing them out, why not use them to store cords. (see right) One could also cut them to open them, then slide them over all those tubes of gift wrap. It will keep the paper closed on the roll, making it easy to store and less able to damage to the open end.

by Kristi Cereska

Featured Image by Johan Nilsson Flickr License
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