Kanye West Song With Rihanna and Paul McCartney Released

Kanye West Song With Rihanna and Paul McCartney Released


Kanye West’s new song with Rihanna and Paul McCartney has now been released online. There are still questions over whose album the track will end up on: Rihanna’s or West’s. It is the second of the rapper’s track that McCartney has appeared on.

Over the new year, there were many controversial tweets. A number of the rapper’s fans took to the social media site to commend him for helping kick-start a new performer’s career. The fans had never heard of McCartney, and failed to realize that he was one of the four members of The Beatles. The tweets from fans included how the man’s career would really boost by being on a track with West.

It quickly led to many fans of The Beatles singer creating mock comments about his career. They quickly explained to West’s fans that the singer is really likely helping the rapper’s career instead, and is already a household name.

The two released their first track at the start of the year called Only Me. It was a big change for the husband of Kim Kardashian, as it was more emotional and included more storytelling. This was likely helped from McCartney’s involvement in the music. This was a “groundbreaking collaboration” according to the rapper.

Possibly from the success of the initial song, West has teamed up with McCartney again and this time invited Rihanna to release a song. The three have created a country-style acoustic song, which is a long way off the R&B stars’ usual music. However, it has already received a buzz around the Internet.

Four Five Seconds was initially debuted last week. While at the I Heart Music summit, West debuted the song. It was not the best quality, as it played through his laptop, and he did talk about his career. However, fans had the chance to listen to his and Rihanna’s vocals, while McCartney played the guitar in the background. West even sings compared to his usual rapping to show that he is a man of many talents.

So far, none of the artists have confirmed whether the music will be officially released on an album. Nor have them indicated which singer will share the song. It is available for download online though, and can also be streamed for free.

According to reports, West and McCartney have been working together throughout last year. The New Year’s Eve single, Only Me, is just the first to be released and there may be many more songs to come. While at the I Heart Music summit, he talked about working with The Beatles legend, and discussed some of the topics they talked about during their time working together.

CBS is currently reporting that the track will be on Rihanna’s album. She dropped the single this weekend to share it with her fans. However, that news is still to be verified at the time of writing this. She did share the music on her website, and told fans to download it from iTunes. West and Rihanna seem to want to focus on new styles, and teaming up with McCartney to release a new song certainly offers a way to do that successfully.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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