Justin Bieber Fans Issue Death Threats Towards Calvin Klein Model

Justin Bieber Fans Issue Death Threats Towards Calvin Klein Model


Justin Bieber fans, or Beliebers as they tend to call themselves, have reached a new level of devotion for their adored pop star. Some of them have taken their protectiveness of the 20-year-old to the extreme, going as far as to issue death threats against a Calvin Klein model that the Canadian was recently photographed with for a semi-risque shoot.

Lara Stone received more than one tweet directed to her personally, meaning that her Twitter handle was used to grab her attention in said social media update. One user flat-out said that she was going to kill the woman, and accompanied her post with disturbing emojis of weapons, including three guns and a knife beside several non-so-impressed looking smiley faces. She also posted a collage, featuring a girl waving around a gun.

A second girl’s reaction to the intimate poses Stone and Bieber were involved in was equally as alarming. Along with certain expletives, the girl expressed her intent to end the model’s life if she ever went near the Ontario native in such a manner ever again. She went on to express the fact she was adamant that it was in no way a joke, and that Stone should take her seriously in the fullest sense possible that she would make due on her threat should the situation go in a direction that was not approved of. A third female poster went as far as to blatantly tell the woman to either back off Bieber or she would kill her, and this was followed up by the words “no pressure”, along with a smiley face.

This is not the first time that hardcore Beliebers have gone to the extreme in order to protect the Baby singer from girls they feel may be getting too involved with him for their liking. Indeed, back at the very end of 2010 when he began a relationship with fellow pop star Selena Gomez, his supports were less than enthusiastic about the pair’s budding relationship, taking their concerns out on the Texan singer in essentially the same manner in which they have recently threatened Stone. Some of Bieber’s fans contacted the 22-year-old via social media (through tweets, Facebook, etc with both direct messages and simply tagging the singer in their posts), and conveyed to her the fact that their interest lay in hurting her because she was dating Bieber and involved with him whatsoever. One fan even went to the extreme of telling her that she would hide under her bed and stab her if the relationship did not go well and Bieber ended up getting hurt as a result. Gomez has never addressed these threats at any time in the past four years, choosing to ignore them rather than get involved in any kind of legalities or retaliation regarding the things that were said to her.

It remains to be seen whether or not Lara Stone will seek any legal repercussions regarding the recent death threats she received for engaging in an intimate photo shoot with Justin Bieber. According to TMZ, calls to her or her representatives have not been returned.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
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