Joni Ernst, a Non-Republican to Perform Rebuttal to State of the Union

Joni Ernst, a Non-Republican to Perform Rebuttal to State of the Union


Commentary by James Turnage

Joni Ernst is the Freshman Republican Senator from Iowa. However, she is Republican in category only; she is actually a member of the TEA Party. She proved during her 2014 midterm campaign that she aligns with the extremist party instead of the GOP. She has been chosen to perform the rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union Speech.

Non-Republican Joni Ernst is not as cutesy as ‘Caribou Barbie,’ but she wants to be. She obviously won the election for no other reason than the fact that she had an ‘R’ next to her name on the ballot.

Republicans don’t know much about women. They claim to believe that she can reach out to women voters. She is against Feminism and women’s rights. Ernst plans to introduce a similar bill in the Senate as she did in Iowa’s state legislature. She wants to declare ‘personhood’ at the moment a fetus exists inside of the womb. This would virtually eliminate the right of any woman to have a legal abortion.

Ernst is an Iraqi invasion veteran and was the first woman to win a statewide election in Iowa. Republican remarks stating that Americans voted for change in 2014 are very misleading. One of the lowest voter turnouts in recent history proved only one thing; the American people have nothing but disdain for Congress.

The primary question is a huge concern for American voters, especially Independents which now comprise 43 percent of the total number of those registered to cast their ballots in 2016. Has the GOP lost control to the extremists in the TEA Party? It would appear so. To voters who choose not to vote exclusively along party lines, the Republican Party’s split in philosophy has been healed; the TEA Party has won, and the two party system is intact; and a complete and utter failure.

Joni Ernst is not a representative of women. Her views on women’s issues appear to be a submission to the white, old men of the Republican Party. In addition to her belief that life begins at conception, she wants to prohibit funding by states for legal abortion. She believes that women have no right to determine what happens to their own bodies. She will lobby to defund Planned Parenthood which has assisted poor women with the difficult decisions created by an unwanted pregnancy, whether from consensual sexual relations or sexual assault. She is also an enemy of the working class. She not only opposes an increase in the minimum wage, she believes it should be abolished.

But she didn’t stop there. While a state senator in Iowa she voted against the expansion of Medicare which would have assisted Iowa’s poor in obtaining life-giving medical aid. She also voted to reject the provision of the Affordable Care Act which helps poor women obtain birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies. She wants to return to the past when women paid more for health insurance, specifically for breast cancer, pregnancy, and domestic abuse, which were considered pre-existing conditions.

Is Joni Ernst representative of the Republican Party in the 21st century? Is she the ‘future’ of the GOP? If she is, and Republican leadership has selected her to represent them next Tuesday, and their party is damaged beyond repair, having made the decision to regress in their ideas to the 1950’s. And they are attempting to force the nation to follow them in their road to the past.

If the revelation of Ernst true persona is not complete, it is only because her anti-LGBT and support of the NRA lobby have not been discussed recently. The reader can decide where she might stand on those issues.

By James Turnage



Charlotte Observer


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  1. Mr. Turnage; You just don’t get it do you? It’s not the “services”, it’s who pays for them. Like so many liberals, you will no doubt say “the rich” and/or “the government”. Check with France about how that worked out.